Thursday , July 19 2018

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The Essential Ingredient Your Relationship May Be Missing

According to the new bonding science, our bonding responses exist from the cradle to the grave. We bond with partners the same way (more or less) parents and children bond. That said, there are a few differences in how a 2-year-old and a 32-year-old bond. For example: 1. When you’re ...

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The Lost Art Of Apologizing (And How To Do It Right Every Time)

We’ve all been hurt by other people. You’ve also hurt people yourself. Whether the transgression was accidental or intentional, it hurts. Sometimes a loss of trust like this is temporary and can be healed. Other times, it leaves long-term scars, discord, and irreparable damage that ultimately ends the relationship. As ...

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The Best Sex Ever Comes Down To Just One Thing

My wife and I were out with a group of friends a few weeks ago and one of my wife’s friends asked me, as a relationship expert, “What’s the ‘secret sauce’ that allows the two of you to keep having great sex after 21 years together?'” Not wanting to hang ...

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4 Reasons You’re Still Single

Monica Parikh is a dating coach and the founder of School of Love NYC, a site intended to help people find happy, healthy relationships. Her personal path has been filled with failure (a traumatic divorce) and unusual anecdotes (dating 67 of NYC’s most eligible bachelors).  In this series, The Love Trials, Monica ...

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Fight The Right Way: How To Argue For Deeper Intimacy

Experiencing intimacy in your relationship, believe it or not, is sometimes a result of fighting for what you believe in—even if your partner doesn’t see things the same way. Whether you butt heads about money, religion, politics, or whose turn it is to clean out the litter box, it’s a ...

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How To Keep Faith When Life Seems Impossible

Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II) said, “We cannot live without love. We remain incomprehensible to ourselves if we do not experience and participate intimately in love.” We need love more than we need the air we breathe. Without it, our lives cease to make sense. We lose touch with ...

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