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11 Foods That are Similar to the Body Organs They Treat

There is some food which looks alike our body parts and surprising can treat the same body part very effectively. Isn’t it amazing that certain food which has resemblance with the human body can heal the medical conditions of that part? Let’s explore this connection between look a like food ...

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Top 25 Foods to Gain Weight

It is true that there are many people who want to lose extra weight however it has to be understood that there are also people who will want to put on some extra weight for being very thin. These people who are extremely thin also tend to go with unhealthy food and ...

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Top 18 Foods for Healthy & Thick Hair

To have a healthy and long hair does not depend only on the outside appearance of your hair but also on how healthy you are inside.  According to experts, the good health of every part of the body, which also includes your Hair Health, depends on what you eat. Strong ...

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Top 15 Super Foods for Teeth

When it comes to caring for our teeth, there are many oral practices that come to mind. These need to be incorporated as daily habits if one wishes to keep their teeth and gums healthy and prevent tooth decay or gum diseases. However, that is not all that one can ...

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Top 15 Super Foods For Eyes

Many people suffer from poor eyesight. They have distorted vision as well as difficulty in seeing objects which are near or which are at a distance. It has been seen that with age, eyes and their problems are often resolved. Many kids develop eye problems from a small age. It ...

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15 Super Foods For Healthy Heart

Many people fall prey to cardiovascular diseases. It is usually a direct outcome of the way one spends their lives and the kind of diet that one follows. Sedentary lifestyles coupled with rich and unhealthy diet leads to heart problems. It has been seen that seventy percent of the heart ...

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