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Top 15 Super Foods to Build Strong Bones and Teeth

Top 15 Super Foods to Build Strong Bones and Teeth
Top 15 Super Foods to Build Strong Bones and Teeth

If you have healthy bones you will be able to provide a strong framework to the body as well as protect the internal organs and anchor the muscles well. Strong bones are required for one to maintain a good posture as well as strength and balance. There are certain key ingredients that need to be supplemented by diet in order to keep the bones strong and healthy. Calcium vitamins, fiber, phosphorous, magnesium, other minerals and protein are among the numerous nutrients which are especially applicable for bone health. If one consumes healthy food containing such nutrients they will be able to enjoy strong bones as well as reduce the chances of suffering from arthritis, inflammations, joint problems and others.

Top 15 Super Foods To Build Strong Bones And Teeth

1. Milk

Calcium helps to build strong bones and when it comes to the best source of calcium, it is milk. Milk is known to contain other beneficial properties as well.
• Milk contains potassium, riboflavin, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamins A, D and B12.
• It is necessary to consume two glasses of milk daily for good health of bones and teeth
Children in their growing years need to drink a lot more milk. When one is an adult, as per preferences and weight considerations, one can choose between skim, full or low fat milk. If one is unable to have milk directly, they can add on nutritional supplements or make a smoothie to enjoy the benefits while having changed the taste.

2. Salmon

Salmon is the fish to have when one wishes to  increase bone strength.
• It is known to contain different nutrients which help to boost bone development like vitamin D, protein, calcium and omega—3 fatty acids
• Vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium in the body
It has been seen that regular consumption of salmon helps to improve the bone density as well as bone accumulation. As it is also good for the heart, it should be made part of one’s weekly diet. It can be had in the grilled, baked or poached form in order to enjoy its goodness.

3. Cheese

Cheese is another good source of calcium and other vital nutrients which can ensure healthy bones.
• It contains vitamins A, D, potassium, riboflavin, protein, magnesium, vitamin B12 and phosphorous
• Cheese being low in lactose content, it is best for those who are unable to have milk due to lactose intolerance
When it comes to cheese, there are different kinds to opt for such as goat cheese, cottage cheese, Parmesan, cheddar, Swiss, mozzarella and others. One should consume small amount of cheese on a regular basis in order to enjoy its benefits.

4. Yogurt

When you are trying to ensure healthy bones, you need to consider all the different by products of milk including yogurt.
• It is a good source of calcium
• If one consumes one cup of yogurt they will have fulfilled their daily calcium requirements
• Yogurt contains other minerals and vitamins like magnesium, protein, phosphorus, riboflavin, potassium, vitamins A,D,B12
Today Greek yogurt is popular in the market. This form of yogurt is known to contain higher amount of protein and lower levels of calcium and vitamin D. Thus, one will gain better benefits for their bones if they consume the plain form of yogurt.

5. Sesame Seeds

Those who wish to have a healthy framework of bones need to consume sesame seeds regularly.
• Sesame seeds contain nutrients like magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and vitamins like D and K
• One will be able to reap the benefits if one forth of a cup of these crunchy seeds is consumed

• These seeds are often used to make savory sweets by combining with sugarcane syrup
• They can be added to cooked vegetables or sprinkled on salads
• One can add them to stir fry vegetables to add a nutty flavor to the dish
Sesame butter can be used as a base for most dishes in order to gain the same health benefits.

6. Collard Greens

This green and leafy vegetable contains many benefits for strong bones.
• It contains calcium in good measure along with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin K and magnesium
• It has anti bacterial, anti diabetic and anti cancer properties
One should consume collard greens as one cupful everyday or several times in a week to reap its health benefits.
• One can lightly steam the vegetables with onion and garlic
• It can be added to salads as well as soups

7. Spinach

Spinach is another great choice of green vegetable to incorporate in one’s diet to have strong bones.
• It is a good source of fiber, magnesium, potassium, iron, vitamins like A and C
• A cup of spinach will provide one fourth of the daily requirement of calcium
One can add it to their cooked vegetable dishes as well as have it boiled, grilled or added to salads and side dishes. When combined with other leafy greens as the following, it will fortify one’s diet for strong bones:
• cauliflower
• broccoli
• kale
• Chinese cabbage

8. White Beans

While legumes are good for health, white beans in particular ensure healthy bones.
• Good amount of calcium, essential minerals, fat free protein and fiber is contained from white beans
• Minerals like potassium, magnesium and phosphorous is obtained from it

• No matter what kind of beans one chooses, a cup of beans needs to be soaked overnight in order to be consumed
• It can be added in stews, bean spread, baked vegetables, soups and other dishes
One can try a variety of beans as well like:
• Black
• Navy
• Pinto

9. Tofu

When it comes to soy food it is a great choice to make, specially if one wishes to gain healthy and strong bones.
• Tofu contains high levels of calcium as well as plant based chemicals like isoflavones
• Half cup of tofu provides 800 milligrams of calcium
• Those who are lactose intolerant and cannot consume dairy products can take up tofu which is a soy milk based product
One can have tofu in cooked form or as plain added to vegetables or salads.

Foods to Build Strong Bones and Teeth

10. Sardines

If you love sardines, there is now more reason to enjoy it due to the many benefits it provides.
• It is an excellent source of calcium as well as vitamin D
• It can provide as much of these nutrients as dairy and milk products
• The phosphorus, vitamin B12 an omega-3fatty acids that it contains are added benefits as well

• Most people consume sardines out of a can
• The sardines can be added to any mashed dish and made into sandwiches, pizzas or salads
Sardines are also consumed in the fresh form in salads or with different sauces.

11. Bone Broth

Bone broth that is made from leftover meat and bones is a super food for the bones and teeth health of humans.
• There are high amount of protein in such a food item along with minerals, collagen and gelatin
• One will surely fortify their teeth, bones, nails and hair by drinking such a broth

• It is prepared by boiling bones and meat portions in water
• One could add spices or herbs to it to flavor it
• Once the broth has formed a concentrated mixture, one can have it like soup or choose to store it by freezing it. It is a great condiment to add to stews and curries.

12. Raw Dairy Products

Nowadays we drink homogenized or pasteurized milk which removes many nutrients from the milk or milk based products.
• If one has raw dairy products from cows that graze in pastures, one is sure to obtain loads of vitamin, K, D and other vital nutrients in higher levels than found in the pasteurized form
• There is a butter oil supplement found for those who wish to enjoy the benefits without actually consuming such raw diary items

13. Liver

Organ meat of animals has many beneficial properties for the bones including teeth.
• There are fat soluble vitamins to be found in liver like A and D vitamins
• Vitamin A can work towards helping to prevent gum diseases while the vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium and this mineralizes the teeth and the bones further
One can prepare animal liver in different ways, much the same way meat is prepared and consumed. One could even supplement with cod liver oil instead.

14. Shellfish

If one consumes shellfish occasionally they will be able to reap the following benefits.
• Shell fishes like oysters, mussels and clams contain trace elements.
• Calcium and good cholesterol along with fats make them nutritious

• One can have them raw
• Clams can be steamed with garlic, lots of butter and white wine

15. Bone Marrow

Bone marrow is something that not many people know how to have but it is known to have good properties for the teeth and bones.
• It is dense in fat soluble vitamins
• Contains minerals like calcium, magnesium and phosphorus

Bone marrow spreads on crusty breads are great and savory snacks.

Are you suffering from tooth decay? Do you wish to revert back to the days when you have strong teeth? It is possible to make dietary changes in order to have good, strong teeth.


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