Thursday , December 1 2022

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20 Stunning And Quick Updos

I’m in a rush, and my hair is a mess! There have been days where after 8 hours of work, I’ve had to rush for an informal event without any time to change my hairdo. A simple top knot or a braided bun has always been my saving grace in those ...

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Top 10 Fruits for Glowing Skin

Your Skin Is a Reflection of Your Eating Habits No matter how many skin care products you apply to the outside of your skin, if you aren’t eating healthy food to nourish your skin from within, your skin will look dull, unhealthy and undernourished. If you are loading up on ...

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Is your car AC safe?

Constant exposure to car air conditioning (AC) can lead to a number of health issues, according to new research. UK-based Emissions Analytics research claims that poor filtration systems can expose drivers and those who use air conditioning regularly to the inhalation of hazardous particles. In a statement shared with the ...

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Can you have a period while pregnant?

During a period, the uterus sheds the lining that has built up in case of pregnancy. While a woman can experience uterine bleeding during pregnancy, it will not be due to a period. In this article, we take an in-depth look at menstruation and pregnancy and discuss other potential causes ...

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What to know about sex during pregnancy

After about 9 months of reduced sexual activity during the development of a fetus, a couple may be ready to resume intercourse shortly after having a baby. But at what point after delivery does it become safe to continue having sex? In general, it is recommended that a person avoids ...

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