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How to prevent insomnia

It’s 2am and you’re staring at the ceiling instead of snoozing. Maybe it all started with a simple bathroom call. Yet, here you are with the morning alarm marching closer and no amount of sheep-counting or pillow-thumping is making a bit of difference. Instead, you’re thinking about things such as ...

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21 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss!

At last Gentleman, you have noticed the receding hairline on your forehead! And you lovely lady, why are you so worried about your thinning hair? There are a good lot of ways that can stop your hair loss trend and bring back good volume to your “head-crown!” I am going ...

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How to Prevent Dandruff Naturally?

How many times have you seen those shampoo ads on TV claiming to treat your dandruff in three washes and how many times have you spent those precious bucks buying them hoping to get rid of those itchy white flakes, the dandruff! No doubt, there are shampoos that prevent dandruff ...

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8 + 8 Remedies to Prevent and Cure Bloating and Gas

If you often feel something heavy settled in your belly and weighing you down along with that uncomfortable tightness in the abdominal region which doesn’t let you concentrate on your daily routine activities, you should understand that bloating and gas are the culprits! Bloating is the result of gas build ...

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