Saturday , May 26 2018

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9 Red Flags It’s Time To Let Go Of a Relationship

A relationship that we care about is very difficult to let go for all of us. There are times, however, where letting go of someone may be the best thing to do. After all, this is your life…and only you can make the ultimate decision whether or not that person fits into ...

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7 Must-Do Morning Routine Hacks

As an entrepreneur, there are many great demands on you. The market is always evolving, the competition is always growing, there’s price erosion and, of course, you have to keep your team on track with your vision. To handle all those demands, you need to stack the odds in your ...

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Cancer: 42 percent of cases down to risk factors you can change

A large new study from the American Cancer Society inventories the risk factors for various types of cancer. Those findings shed much-needed light on the proportion of cancers that could be prevented by making the necessary lifestyle changes. The new research examined a total of 1,570,975 cancer cases, 587,521 of which resulted ...

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