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You Attract Mosquitoes More Than Others? THIS is Why They Always Bite You!


Why do mosquitoes bite some people more than others? This article explains why some people are bitten so often, while others don’t.

Most people think of mosquitoes as annoying creatures. What you don’t know is that those pests are also the most dangerous animals in the world.

They spread:

  • Zika
  • Dengue
  • Chikungunya
  • And malaria

Here are some surprising factors that make mosquitoes bite you frequently.

However, you may have noticed that mosquitoes bite some people more than others. Scientists have figured out that it is not because “your blood is sweet”. It has more to do with the smell of your skin.

Everyone’s skin is covered in different combinations of bacteria and those bacteria all produce different chemicals. The smells created by some combinations of those chemicals make certain unhappy people irresistible to mosquitoes.

Researches also suggest mosquitoes are attracted to people exercising because the increased body temperature attracts mosquitoes.

They are also drawn in by:

  • the carbon dioxide we exhale
  • lactic acid
  • beer drinkers

So, if you think that mosquitoes bother you in particular, you might be right.

Because these pests carry many potentially life-threatening diseases, it is highly important to make good choices regarding repellants.

Make sure you use good repellent. Only insect repellents with deet or peppermint will keep you off the menu.

Also, be sure to use if you are travelling to a place with mosquito-borne disease.

As you can see, mosquito bites aren’t just an aggravation. Considering the health risks, you need to ensure a safer and more comfortanble summer ahead.


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