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Guava Leaves Can Extremely 100% Stop Your Hair Loss And Make It Grow Like Crazy

Guava Leaves Can Extremely 100% Stop Your Hair Loss And Make It Grow Like Crazy
Guava Leaves Can Extremely 100% Stop Your Hair Loss And Make It Grow Like Crazy

You might be enjoying the crunchy, sour and sweet taste of guava. And you definitely get a lot of nutrition due to the intake of guava fruit. But are you aware of the health benefits of guava leaves?

As it is so much worthy to consume guava leaves. It is a rich source of vitamins A and C, healthy fiber, potassium, and lycopene. You might be wondering how to use these guava leaves to remain healthy.

Why Are Guava Leaves Good For Your Hair?

The guava leaves are a rich source of vitamin B. The consumption of vitamin B is very important to keep the hair healthy and increase hair fertility.

So, here is the recipe of guava leaves for hair growth

How to Use Guava Leaves to Reduce Hair Loss?

17 amazing health benefits of guava leaves for you

  1. Want to say good bye to bad LDL cholesterol? Then guava leaf tea is a perfect solution. It will reduce LDL cholesterol level without affecting the HDL cholesterol (good) in your body.

2. You can treat a chronic cough and bronchitis using guava leaf tea.

3. To treat allergies and get rid of the itch, just apply the crushed guava leaves on the affected areas.

4. You can also apply the crushed guava leaves to get rid of pain due to insect bites.

5. Hair loss can be affectively reduced using guava leaves. Boil the guava leaves in water and allow it to cool for a while. Apply the solution on your scalp to stop the further hair loss.

6. Guava leaf can help you to reduce weight. The guava lead tea stops the conversion of carbohydrates from turning into sugar. This, in turn, suppresses the appetite and makes you eat less.

7. Food poising and an upset stomach can be cured using guava leaf tea.

8. As guava leaf consists of antimicrobial properties, the guava leaf tea is an excellent solution to diseases like dysentery and diarrhea.

9. You can also use guava leaf tea to treat enlarged prostate and cancer.

10. It is an amazing treatment for men fertility problems. Sip guava leaf tea to treat the fertility issues.

11. When it comes to skin care, guava leaves are proven to provide amazing home treatment. As vitamin C content of guava leaves is high you can use the crushed leaves to get rid of pimples and acne.

12. Women often suffer with minor cuts in day to day life, it is essential to prevent infections in the cuts like abrasion or scrapes. Application of crushed guava leaves provides relief from skin irritation and prevents infection. The solution of guava leaf tea is effective to relieve outer ear infection.

13. The horrible diseases like dengue can also be treated using guava leaves. Boil 8-9 leaves of guava in 5 cups of water. Boil it until you reduce it to half. Consume the solution to treat dengue.

14. You can also use guava leaf tea to reduce the blood sugar level and it does not stimulate the secretion of insulin.

15. Guava leaves are very useful for dental health. You can chew guava leaves to get relief from inflamed gums, toothache and sores in oral cavity.

16. Want to remove blackheads at home? Here is naturally guava leaves remedy for you. Just crush a guava leaf and stir it in a bit of water. Use it as a scrub and blackheads will vanish in no time.

17. You can use the combination of guava leaf powder and water as a face pack. This will help to prevent premature skin aging and help you to look younger.

So, these are the different ways you can use guava leaves to boost your health. These amazing benefits of guava leaves are worth sharing with your friends and family. However, you can take one more step to plant the guava tree in your backyard. Keep the environment as well as your body healthy with the help of guava tree.


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