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If You Have This sandal Throw Them Away Immediately And Here’s Why

If You Have This sandal Throw Them Away Immediately And Here’s Why

What a girl’s bedroom wardrobe generally have in it? A lot of clothes, makeup kits and plenty of sandals. Almost all women love to have a pair of matching sandals which go well with their dress.

You must be having a different pattern of sandals with you. The shiny one which is just perfect for parties, the glittery one which looks good with ethnic wears and the formal shoes for your office outfit. There are new types of plastic sandals which you might have in your shoe rack.

These plastic sandals are a new trend in the market. They are light weight and come with different designs as well as colours to match your outfit. You might be having one of the plastic sandal collections in your wardrobe.

These sandals can be hazardous for your health. As per a research conducted in Germany has revealed that the sandals made from plastic materials consist of the carcinogenic compound. Thus, it can be responsible for the emergence of cancer.

In this research, scientists selected 10 pairs of clogs made of plastic under study. They got the best brand clogs for the market and analyze it in a laboratory. They got the shocking results, almost 60% of the clogs contained PAHs (aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons).

PAHs is not well-known name along people, so you may not know about it. But you should know that PAHs are a carcinogenic substance which can lead to cell mutation if it gets absorb in our body. These are very harmful compounds which when inhaled, get penetrated into the skin and enter the body.

The research has also revealed that the black clogs consist of the highest amount of carcinogen compounds. Approximately 70% of these black clogs consist of solvents and heavy metals which are harmful to our health.

These harmful and toxic compounds can enter in your body through your skin. So, make sure that you wear socks when you put on these sandals.

The amazing fact is that the original Crocs do not have PAHs. But consist of 4 solvents which can lead to allergies.

The bottom line is that your sandal collection can be responsible for the emergence of cancer. So, just throw out the plastic sandals today. Do not buy them again although they look beautiful and are matching to your outfit.  Don’t let your fashion sense make a harmful impact on your health.

Share this information with your friends who often use the plastic sandals and keep them protected from cancer.


Source: lets go healthy


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