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How Sweet Potatoes Can Help Prevent Blindness And Help You Lose Weight

How Sweet Potatoes Can Help Prevent Blindness And Help You Lose Weight
How Sweet Potatoes Can Help Prevent Blindness And Help You Lose Weight

Sweet potatoes are part of many treats and tasty dinner dishes, yet remained unpopular among people. It is a kind off solid stuff which is sweet in taste, but not much sugary in nature.

It is important for us to know the sweet potatoes can assist the issues related to visual deficiency and also helps to reduce weight. Let’s get into detail on this topic about how sweet potatoes can help us to stay healthy.

How Sweet Potatoes Can Help Prevent Blindness

It might be unbelievable for you that sweet potatoes can prevent blindness. But it is true and it has some scientific backup.

As per WHO (World Health Organization), the prime reason behind blindness is  vitamin A deficiency. It also increases the risk of death due to the attack of a different infection. Among world’s population, 250 million young children are suffering from  vitamin A deficiency.

The sweet potatoes are a rich source of beta-carotene which get converted into vitamin A in our bodies. Thus, it is important to keep sweet potatoes as an active ingredient of your meal if you have a growing child in your house.

South Africa is considered as the region of sweet potatoes as the cultivation of this vegetable is more in that area. Worldwide many people receive the sweet potatoes which are imported from South Africa.

Lose Weight Using Sweet Potatoes

Nothing exciting more than a sweet ingredient that will reduce the weight. It is always suggested to reduce the sugar intake to lose weight. But intake of sweet potatoes will promote the weight loss.

The sweet potatoes consist of the compound which can increase the adiponectin level in our body. The adiponectin is a hormone which regulates the blood sugar level in our body. Apart from this sweet potatoes also has high fiber content. The intake of fiber makes you feel fuller and thus reduce the intake of food by your body.

Try to eat at least one sweet potato in roasted or steamed form to get proper nutrients and vitamins in your body. The consumption of sweet potatoes will also help you to get clear skin and maintain a low glycemic index. It will control the appetite and soon you will reduce your weight.

Recipe- Here you go!

Now, you are aware of how sweet potatoes are beneficial for your health. Let us see how to make delicious dishes of sweet potatoes which your family will love to enjoy.

Sweet Potato Soup with Carrot

The soup is very easy to prepare and get ready in a couple of minutes. It’s a quick and yummy recipe which ensure the healthy in the long term.

Just use your sustenance processor and blend the carrots and potatoes together to get a velvety soup. You can also try this soup rather than going for chicken soup.

Sweet Potato Latkes

The latkes of sweet potatoes are so tasty that this will become the most demanding dish at your home. What you have to do is that blend the grinded sweet potatoes with eggs, flour, nutmeg powder and cinnamon powder. Make around 10-12 latkes and that will be fine for a complete dinner.

Sweet Potato Wedges

The sweet potato wedges act as a good side dish along with pork or ham. Take the medium sized potatoes and cut it into thick pieces, no cook it for around 40-45 minutes. The sweet potato wedges are ready to eat!

Sweet Potato Hash Browns with Apple

The combination of sweet potato with apple is the healthiest thing you can consume in your daily meal. Make a serving of hash tans by blending the hacked sweet potatoes with cleaved apples. Enjoy the dish and stay healthy.

So use any of the above reciepes and add the sweet potatoes supplement in your regular meal. It can be actually a part of your diet to lose weight. For the growing child, it acts as a nutritious food which keep the bone, skin and eyes healthy.

Use the superfood ‘sweet potatoes’ to stay healthy!


Source: LetsGoHealthy


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