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Top 13 Ways to Avoid a Heart Attack

Top 13 Ways to Avoid a Heart Attack
Top 13 Ways to Avoid a Heart Attack

Heart is the key organ in a person’s body, which is also symbol for emotional attachment. Whenever a person feels depressed or emotional, chances are high that his/heart will be affected. That’s the reason why many people often say—don’t take it to heart.  It is known that heart pumps the blood—impure blood to lungs and pure blood to the remaining parts of the body. And when heart stops functioning or develops a disease, it prevents other body parts from receiving pure blood.

One has to note that pure blood carries certain amounts of oxygen. So, it is really very important to protect this crucial body part. In fact, recognizing the importance of this key part, special branch of medicine dedicated to heart disease cure named Cardiology evolved.

Just because there’s advanced medical branch of heart, you cannot lay back and relax leaving everything to fate. You can still take good care of your heart and avoid visiting a cardiologist. It’s not a hard nut to crack either friends. The steps are very simple and can be followed by anybody for that fact.

Go through our quick tips for avoiding heart disease.

  1. Regular exercise:

    One must make sure that he does enough exercise. Only proper exercise will keep the body fit. Further, it leaves no scope for the body to accumulate unnecessary fat especially around heart. In fact, when excess fat is gathered in chest area or belly-which compresses diaphram—it would put direct pressure on heart. As a result, heart will start pump heavily and slowly. Therefore, exercise regularly.

  2. Avoid oily food and cholesterol:

    When excess oily food or food with high cholesterol is taken, it would result in making the arteries thick. It is known that arteries carry pure blood from heart to other parts of the body. When cholestorol is formed between arteries, it will block the blood which in turn pressurizes the heart ultimately leading to heart stroke. Here are the Superfoods for your heart

  3. Obesity:

    Morbid obesity in addition to exercise-free routines are epidemics in the states which give rise to enhanced risk regarding cardiovascular disease. Your incidence regarding unhealthy weight features enhanced amid both ladies and men in the states before few years.

  4. Right diet:

    Diets lower in soaked weight as well as full of fruits, greens, complete grains, as well as linens are generally of a lowered risk regarding coronary disease. In addition, a newly released examine documented from the Annals regarding Inner Medication diary verified in which eating fruit and veggies, in particular eco-friendly leafy greens as well as supplement C-rich fruit and veggies, has the shielding effect next to cardiovascular system ailment.

  5. Smoking:

    If you like dragging the stupid puffs of nicotine, then let me warn you that you are at every risk of getting the heart disease. Cigarette not only contains nicotine but so much of chemical agents that AE very dangerous to heart, which lies exactly between lungs.  Stop smoking right away if you are a chain smoker, quit smoking right away.

  6. Sound sleep matters:

    Get plenty of sleeping. Good sleep decreases mental stress as well as stabilizes one’s heart fee. Stay clear of stress spanning a any period of time. Handle stress through prioritizing your current work by the key to lesser essential versions.

  7. Observe your current diabetes:

    Maintain your diabetes manageable. Being affected by diabetes exposes someone to heart illnesses in addition to some other illnesses. Blood sugars lead to hardening from the arteries and along with the deposition connected with cholesterol in all the particular blood vessels from the system, inch.

  8. Fish:

    Try to eat fish one or more times whole week.  work released from the Journal of the American Medical Relationship located that women who ate fish one or more times 7 days were being one-third more unlikely that to get a cardiovascular episode or perhaps perish connected with heart disease in comparison with those that ate fish merely once per month. Additional scientific studies demonstrate comparable positive aspects pertaining to adult males.

  9. Tea:

    There have been many argument over couple of years whether tea consumption is good to health or not. Well, let me go by the latest study, which emphasized that drinking tea at least twice a day is not just a reliever but something, which is very good to one’s heart. Therefore, drink tea as often as possible.

  10. Wok between sheets:

    Have sexual intercourse tonight. This idea counts seeing that physical activity, which, obviously, is wonderful for your own coronary heart. And which might be the reason why College connected with Bristol researchers identified in which guys that have making love at the least twice weekly are generally unlikely to undertake a cardiovascular accident.

  11. Visit loo:

    Never control your bowel movements. Whenever you feel like attending a nature’s call, do that immediately. Several researchers have mentioned that controlling the urge to pass will only show bad effect on the heart.

  12. Check if you are depressed:

    Depression is certainly not a disease, it is just a condition. But not to forget that it’s a dangerous condition, which can trigger heart attacks. Now you must be wondering as to how to know you are depressed or not. It is very simple. If you feel lazy to do things or find it very difficult to wake up in the mornings, then you might be getting depressed for some reason or the other. If that’s the case then you should immediately get in touch with your physician.

  13. Blood pressure:

    Blood pressure or hypertension is a dangerous condition without any doubt. If you AE getting irritated for petty things, you must get your blood pressure checked and take necessary medicines to control it. If you are already a hypertension patient, then you must never skip tablets. Here are the top Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure


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