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11 Foods That are Similar to the Body Organs They Treat

11 Foods That are Similar to the Body Organs They Treat
11 Foods That are Similar to the Body Organs They Treat

There is some food which looks alike our body parts and surprising can treat the same body part very effectively. Isn’t it amazing that certain food which has resemblance with the human body can heal the medical conditions of that part? Let’s explore this connection between look a like food and human body.

Carrot for Eyes Problems

As per the recent research, it is well proven that  carrots are very useful to simulate the blood flow in the body and improve the function of the eyes. The cross section of a carrot is just like a human eye and thus provides a treatment to improve eyesight.

 Avocados for Ovaries/Uterus Problems

Avocados looks similar to the uterus and works well to keep the uterus healthy. The intake of 1 avocado per week can keep you safe from ovarian and cervical cancer. It also maintains proper hormonal balance in the body.

Clams for Testicles Problems

Clams actually look like testicles. It is very beneficial to keep the male reproductive organ healthy and free from infections.

Grapefruit for  Breast Problems

Grapefruit resembles the breast and plays an important role to move the lymph glances through the breast. It is very useful foodstuff to prevent breast cancer.

Celery for Bones Problems

Celery has some similarity to bones in human body. It has 23% of sodium, in it which is similar to what human bones have in it. Thus, celery act as an important supplement to fulfill the skeleton needs.

Ginger for Stomach Problems

Ginger has a close relationship with our stomach. It acts as a beneficial remedy to treat the gastric upsets and swelling on the stomach.

Red Wine for  Blood Problems

Red wine has a color of our blood. It actually works well to treat the blood clots and reduce the chances of stroke and heart disease.

Tomato for Heart Problems

Tomato has four chambers in it which are similar to a human heart. It is loaded with potassium and iron which is a must required ingredient to keep the heart healthy. The intake of tomato juice is very beneficial and promotes the active functioning of the heart.

Sweet Potato for Pancreas Problems

Yes, the sweet potato look just like our pancreas. It is amazing that the intake of sweet potatoes helps to balance the sugar level in the blood and keep the pancreas healthy.

Mushroom (Agaricus campestris) for Ears Problems

Human ears, well it is right that when you cut the mushrooms half then it look just like our ears. It is rich in vitamin D and thus helps to improve the hearing capability of the human ear. It is also beneficial to maintain good health of bones.

Walnut for Brain Problems

The rough outer layer of walnut look alike the skull and thus resemble our brain. The intake of walnut makes the brain function well creates transmitters for great working brain.


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