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10 High Calorie Foods You Should Never Eat Before Going To Bed

10 High Calorie Foods You Should Never Eat Before Going To Bed
10 High Calorie Foods You Should Never Eat Before Going To Bed

Do you ever have this feeling of full stomach or bloated stomach, not to forget the heart burn, while sleeping at night? Well, this is a case of over eating or eating high calorie food before sleeping. You have your dinner and you go to bed immediately, not realizing that you have eaten more than what you should. There are certain foods, specially the high calories ones, which work adversely on your body, especially if you take them at night time. A large fatty meal at dinner time is bad for health. There is also the possibility of you suffering from a heart burn or a burning sensation in your stomach. It disrupts your sleep and at the same time you suffer from indigestion. Hence, it is always advisable to eat something light before going to bed instead of a heavy meal.

Top 10 High Calorie Foods to Avoid Before Going to Bed

Below we give a list of top 10 high calories foods that you should avoid eating before going to bed so that you have a proper sleep and stay healthy.

1 Pasta:

Do you love pasta? Sorry!!! This is absolutely a “No-No” dinner food. Well, no doubt it is easy to cook and it is very filling. But pasta is a storehouse of carbohydrates. And, pasta cooking is done with lots of cheese and oil. So ultimately it turns into fats when you go to bed. So stay away from it.

2 Pizza:

Just like pasta, many of us love pizza also. In today’s fast paced world, the youngsters, the young married couples, children or working professionals, will not hesitate to have one or two big pieces of juice pizza as their dinner. Dial a Pizza delivery number and get it delivered at your doorstop. You don’t have to cook. So lucky, aren’t you? But, while you will relish that piece of pizza, you won’t believe what harm it does to your body. Very greasy and cheesy, with the ingredients having high levels of acidity, your digestive system finds it difficult to break it down. Result: you have a bloated stomach, you feel uneasy while sleeping and in due course of time, fat accumulates in the body.

3 Candy:

Well, studies have also shown that eating candy before going to bed is bad. Eating any sugary products leads to fats built up in your body. Infact, Some says that candy eating before bed time has an impact on your brain waves and they can lead to nightmares.  So, for a relaxing night, don’t eat candies before bed time.

4 Red Meat:

Red meat, whether dry fried or gravy, is always yummy. It is storehouse of proteins and iron. But then, if you have it just before bed time, it will do more harm than good to your body. It will prevent you from a deep, relaxing and refreshing sleep.

5 Dark Chocolate:

Doctors have always considered dark chocolate to be good for your brain and memory. But there is no doubt that it is a high-calorie food. So eating dark chocolates before bedtime is a big “No”.  A small or a big piece of chocolate may work as a dessert for you, but being rich in caffeine and other stimulants, it will make you more active, putting your mind to work, rather than allowing you to have a peaceful night.

6 Some Vegetables:

Well, you must be wondering, how can vegetables be bad for health if taken during bedtime? No doubt, vegetables are delicious and nutritious. But, certain vegetables like onions, broccoli or cabbage include high amounts of insoluble fiber in them. Consuming such vegetables at night make you feel full for a long time and they cause excessive flatulence. Your digestive system cannot process these vegetables at night when you sleep. So avoid taking these vegetables.

7 Alcohol of any Kind:

You had a wonderful time at your friend’s party. You drank and danced. But then, did you realize that you had consumed a sleep killer. Drinking alcohol before bed reduces your night sleep as it causes night sweats, making you wake up repeatedly. And it is very high in calories as well.

8 Cheeseburgers:

Just like pasta, pizza, cheeseburgers are also high calorie, fatty foods. You should avoid taking them during dinner time. They increase the natural production of acid in the stomach. You suffer from heartburn during the night.

9 Chilly Sauce:

Chilly is healthy when taken with other ingredients. But if you plan to go to bed soon, then say a big “NO” to chilly sauce. Chilly sauce is filled with proteins and slow-burning carbohydrates and it is a high-calorie food.

10 Snacks and Chips:

Not only during bed time, even at all other times, you should avoid taking processed foods like snacks and chips. These are high calorie foods which contain monosodium glutamate in high amounts. They are linked to sleep disorders as well.

So readers, these are the top 10 high calorie foods that you should avoid taking before going to bed.

Just a small secret: If you are really craving for such food, then you can have it once in a while.  But remember, don’t take these foods and go to bed immediately. You can have them at least 2-3 hours before you fall to sleep. And also, don’t forget to do your exercises before dozing off at night.  So stay healthy and have a good night sleep. :)



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