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Causes Of Bad Breath

You lean over to whisper something to your friend and you can tell by the look on your friend’s face that something is up. Could it be your breath? Maybe you shouldn’t have put extra onions on your hamburger at lunch. What’s a kid with smelly breath to do? The ...

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Will there be a cure for breast cancer in the future?

Survival rates for breast cancer sufferers have never been better and scientists are optimistic of continuing medical breakthroughs in regard to treatment and understanding. But the rates of diagnosis continue to rise and the unavoidable truth is there’s still no cure. Each day, about 40 women are diagnosed with breast ...

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Flu outbreak: know the risks

It won’t just be colds causing concern this winter. Doctors are bracing themselves for a potential serious flu outbreak, and with up to 2500influenza-related deaths a year in Australia – higher than the death toll from our roads – the risks aren’t to be sniffed at. Experts predict three strains ...

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Do late nights really lead to weight gain?

You probably already know that walking around like a zombie isn’t doing your health any favours. Struggling sleepers are at more risk of stroke, heart disease and other cardiovascular disorders. But it seems you might be able to add weight gain to the list. In a recent study from the ...

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