Saturday , May 26 2018
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Your wallet can be a potent Feng Shui tool for drawing wealth, money, and prosperity into your life. So, this means that your wallet is not only for keeping your coins and credit cards. Money and wealth don’t like carelessness, but are attracted to people who treat them with respect, ...

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What’s trending: Birch Water

In Eastern Europe, Russia and Scandinavia, people have used birch water as a herbal pick-me-up for years. Recently, it’s appeared in cafes and health-food stores in the US, and now it’s reached Australia. The “water” comes from birch trees that grow predominantly in the northern hemisphere. One major producer has ...

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Doctors announce the world’s first successful penis transplant

A 21-year-old man in South Africa has received the world’s first successful penis transplant. The patient had his penis amputated three years ago after complications arose from a circumcision performed during a traditional intiation ceremony. The nine hour operation took place on December 11 last year at Tygerborg Hospital in ...

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Rolling over your super? Here’s what to consider before you do

With spring upon us why not include a tad of financial hygiene with your annual cleaning spree, namely your super. According to the APRA Annual Superannuation Bulletin the average superannuation member has almost three separate super accounts. This is a little staggering given we only really need a single vehicle ...

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