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How to protect your hair from the elements

How to protect your hair from the elements
How to protect your hair from the elements

Does the weather wreak havoc on your hair? You’re not alone! We’re especially susceptible to the elements in Australia, where temperatures can soar and humidity levels are high. You can only imagine the damage this can do to your hair. It’s important to give your hair some TLC to keep it healthy all year round.

How does weather affect your hair?

Your hair is put through so much year round, especially living in Australia where we can often face harsh weather conditions.  Joey Scandizzo, Co-Creative Director of ELEVEN Australia says, “Your hair can be really temperamental in summer. Moving from the cold, air-conditioned indoors to humid heat outside will dry out your hair and colour will fade. In winter, polished styled looks are worn more often and so more product is used. It’s really important you take these factors into consideration and ensure you maintain the health of your hair year round.”

Out of all the seasons, summer weather can definitely take its toll on your hair, so be prepared. Scandizzo says, “The combination of humidity, salt water and chlorine can cause serious breakage to stressed tresses.”

How can you protect your hair from the elements?

Hair maintenance is paramount in protecting your hair from the elements. Scandizzo says, “Keeping your hair well-maintained will protect it from damage. Regular trims, refreshed colour, and a leave-in treatment after each wash will do the trick. And don’t forget the importance of in-salon treatments whenever you visit the hairdresser!”

Looking after hair in autumn/winter

Make sure you have regular trims. Why? Autumn/winter is all about super styled hair and more polished hair dos so it does get put through a lot when it comes to product and run-ins with heated styling tools. Regular trims will make sure your hair stays healthy with all the regular styling it gets put through.

Looking after hair in spring/summer

When the weather’s warm it’s the best time to let your hair loose and go natural with beachy waves, plus it’s a great opportunity to give it a break from all that heat styling from autumn and winter! Just spritz your hair with sea salt spray and you’re out the door. Scandizzo says, “Don’t forget to use a leave-in treatment to protect your hair from UV rays, chlorine, salt water and frizz. It will also add shine and smooth your hair, removing any evidence of dry and damaged locks.”

Regardless of the seasons there are some things you can do all year round to protect your hair. “Your hair always needs nourishment and not just from the outside” says Peita Handel, herbalist at Fusion Health. “Nourish your hair with Fusion Health Hair Tonic to naturally promote healthy hair condition and growth, and feed your hair follicles the essential vitamins and minerals with Fusion® Health Hair, Skin & Nails, to further nourish, strengthen and condition your hair.”


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