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You Are Pooping In A Wrong Way and You Don’t Even Know About It

You Are Pooping In A Wrong Way and You Don’t Even Know About It
You Are Pooping In A Wrong Way and You Don’t Even Know About It

Many people remain unaware that sitting toilets pose a danger to their health and well-being.

Nowadays, a growing number of medical experts say humans are supposed to squat to eliminate. It all comes down to positioning. Squatting releases pressure on the rectum and makes it easier to defecate. Sitting in a western style toilet means you are pushing against your own muscles. Many doctors say that using squat toilets reduce the chances of constipation, hemorrhoids, even bowel cancer.

Our body is designed to squat while eliminating. However, many countries in the world use squat toilets, the modern toilets are present in the Western restrooms.

Research shows that our bathroom posture plays a bigger role in these ailments than a lack of dietary fiber. Stanford University has revealed a new study that shows squatting is the proper and recommended way to go to the bathroom.


So, what is the big difference between the two positions?

Sitting on a modern style western sit down toilet is designed to place your knees to a 90 degree to your abdomen. Sitting on a squatting toilet your body is placed at a 35 degree angle. In the squatting position, the pelvis is also suspended like a cradle.

As a result, a person using the seated posture for defecation is forced to hold the breath and strain and push downwards for waste evacuation. Yet, evacuation can never be complete, resulting in accumulation in the lower region of the colon.

All this – opening of the buttocks, straightening of the anal canal, beneficial increase in the pressure in the abdomen and hence compression of the colon can only take place in the squatting position. The result is easier, faster and more complete bowel movements.

Sitting causes straining that is not healthy. When using modern toilets it can cause constipation. It is not only uncomfortable, but also has long term damaging on the colon. One of the processes that happen in the colon is the extraction of colon. The colon is constantly extraction water from its contents transforming the liquid wastes to solid. As a result, if elimination is not regular and complete, too much water is extracted causing the wastes to become too dry and then cemented to the walls of the colon.

If stool sits inside the colon too long without being eliminated, the toxins contained within may be circulated back into the blood. Furthermore, stools that are held up from being eliminated may generate even more toxins.

People in the developing world squat for waste elimination, people in the west sit.

Eliminating completely often helps maintain good colon health, many studies point to fecal buildup in the colon as a cause of diseases including colon cancer.

What are the advantages of squatting?

  • Makes elimination faster
  • Protects the nerves
  • Securely seals the ileocecal valve between the small intestine and the colon
  • Relaxes the puborectalis muscle
  • Uses the thighs to support the colon and prevents straining
  • It is an effective treatment for hemorrhoids
  • It helps pregnant women to avoid pressure on the uterus when using the toilet and prepares them for a more natural delivery
  • It will give your spine a beneficial stretch and improve your balance

A very simple solution is to use a small foot stool while you sat on a western sitting toilet. This will put your body into the correct posture by elevating your knees to a 35 degree angle.


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