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This is What Happens to Your Body If you Drink Water on an Empty Stomach Every Morning

This is What Happens to Your Body If you Drink Water on an Empty Stomach Every Morning
This is What Happens to Your Body If you Drink Water on an Empty Stomach Every Morning

Drinking water is one of the basic need of living organisms. We often drink water when we feel thirsty and almost everybody is aware that water is an important element of digestion system.

But are you aware that drinking water on an empty stomach can cure many ailments such as obesity, constipation, vomiting, kidney diseases and uterine diseases.

The intake of water early in the morning is also beneficial to treat heart trouble, body aches as well as headaches, diabetes, gastritis. It also helps to cure the deadly diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and sometimes acts effectively to treat throat and ear infections.

Due to ongoing research in this field and scientific confirmation from the medical stream, drinking water on an empty stomach has become the latest trend in Japan.

Here is how you have drink water just after getting out of your bed.


  1. Once you wake up in the morning, drink 6 ounces of water four times. The quantity is of 160 ml. If it is difficult for you to drink this much of water, then start with less amount of water and slowly increase the quantity of water you drink.
  2. Later brush your teeth and after oral clean up wait for minimum 45 minutes before you drink or eat anything.
  3. After waiting for 45 minutes, now you can have your breakfast or enjoy a glass of juice.
  4. Make sure that you don’t eat anything at least for next 2 hours once a meal is completed.

The regular use of this process will cure many diseases. As per the recent research, the intake of water on an empty stomach can cure the following diseases in given time frame.

  • Arthritis – Just after 3 days of implementation of the process.
  • Constipation – 10 days
  • Gastric issues – 10 days
  • Diabetes – 30 days
  • High blood pressure – 30 days
  • Cancer – 180 days
  • Tuberculosis – 90 days

This method is very useful to remain healthy and most importantly has no side effects. You might observe the increase in urination after using this method, but nothing to worry it’s all normal. The increased intake of water results in frequent urination.

The treatment helps to keep your body hydrated and keep you active all the time. One of the important custom related to the intake of water is such as, in Japanese and Chinese culture people drink hot tea during meals instead of cold water.

The reason behind the custom is that cold water leads to slow down of the digestive process. It  solidifies the oily foods and thus solidified oil get quickly absorbed by intestinal wall and lines. This accumulation of digested oils increases the chances of cancer. Thus, avoid the intake of cold water during the meal and prefer to drink hot tea.

Drinking water early in the morning can reduce the heart troubles. However it important to be aware of the symptoms of the heart attack. The shocking information for you is that heart attack can occur without a chest pain. Sweating and nausea are considered as one of the most important sign of heart attack along with pain in the left arm.

The jaw pain or chest pain which make you awake from sound sleep is also a sign of heart attack. So, be aware of the symptoms to deal with the heart attack.

Drinking the water in the morning time as per the given process and avoid the heart trouble in the easiest way.


Source: LetsGoHealthy


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