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See What Only 1 Glass of This Drink Can Do For Your Body…

See What Only 1 Glass of This Drink Can Do For Your Body…
See What Only 1 Glass of This Drink Can Do For Your Body…

So far we have written many articles about the benefits of rice water. Maybe you already know that this liquid is one of the beauty secrets of Japanese women. Every woman on Earth would love to have clean and shiny skin like that of Japanese women. This can be achieved with home remedies rather than cosmetic products.

Dry, oily or normal skin can use rice water. If you have rice powder, you can use it for body scrub in order to remove the dead skin cells. You can find it in stores. However, rice water is more recommendable because it doesn’t include chemicals and is freshly made.

How to make rice water at home:

Pour fresh, clean water in a pot and boil the rice in it. After the rice is cooked well, drain the water in another bowl. Be careful not to leave any rice in the water. Now your rice water is ready for consumption.

What a glass of rice water can do for you?


Rice water includes carbohydrates, which means you will get increased energy levels. This means drinking a glass of rice water in the morning is a perfect way to start the day. Moreover, you can drink it when feeling exhausted.


Fiber is richly present in rice water and it aids the bowel movement. Also, the starch stimulates the good bacteria development in the stomach.


Prevent dehydration and nutrients loss by drinking rice water, especially in summer.


Rice water is a fever remedy because it prevents water loss. The lost supplements are recharged and the process of healing is boosted.


Diarrhea in both children and adults can be treated with rice water. It is an excellent home remedy for treating diarrhea. Babies are more prone to infections and diseases, such as diarrhea and must be cured on time because it can cause severe dehydration.


Keep cancer at bay by drinking cooked rice water frequently. This is one of the biggest reasons you should start drinking rice water.


This is not confirmed so far, but according to some sources, cooked rice water can keep off the occurrence of Alzheimer disease. Here is one more great advantage of drinking this liquid.


Oryzanol is a substance present in rice water that withstands the sun UV rays. Start using rice water to help your skin take the sun’s heat.


Source: My Ilife Style


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