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Sorry, but you’re not my (blood) type

Sorry, but you’re not my (blood) type
Sorry, but you’re not my (blood) type

Many believe the blood type you were born with influences your personality and romantic fate .

Forget the stars, palmistry, crystal gazing, tarot cards or even tea leaves. It seems your characteristics, career, health, marriage, fate and luck are all actually flowing through your veins.

Whether you are friendly, aloof, considerate, industrious, prone toworrying, cynical, good in bed or in the right job is, a growing number ofpersonality analysts say, all in the blood.

They claim the blood type you were born with has just as much influence over your character and fate as the signs of the zodiac.

In fact, many personality analysts say it could be a more accurate guide because your blood type is determined by the genes of your parents and through it you inherit all their ancestral traits. You then develop the traits that are best suited to your personality.

Big in Japan

The Japanese, who have always placed a lot of importance on ancestry and blood lines, are so certain of the links between biochemistry and personality that magazines and newspapers carry the week’s fortunes for each blood type.

It is estimated that as many as 75 per cent of Japanese people believe there is a connection between blood type and personality. The vast majority of their lonely hearts advertisements include blood type. Nearly everyone in Japan knows their blood group and they take the idea very seriously.

The four main blood types are O (the most common), A, B and AB.

If you are a blood donor, you will know that type O can give blood to any type, but can receive from only type O, and are called universal donors.

Type A individuals can give blood safely to A and AB types. B types can give to B or AB.

Blood lines

According to the believers, all these different combinations play a part in passing on particular talents and qualities through generations.

The world’s leading proponent of blood-typing is undoubtedly Japan’s Toshitaka Nomi, who is following in the footsteps of his late father, Masahiko, who first published books on the blood-typing theory in 1971.

Between them father and son have produced more than 60 books, which have sold more than six million copies and have helped bring the Japanese ideas and beliefs about blood-type psychology to a wider audience.

This is what their studies have to say about how our blood type influences the way we are likely to behave and the path we are most likely to follow…

Blood group diet

More recently, research into blood types and diet has been carried out by an American naturopathic doctor, Peter D’Adamo. He believes our blood type determines what we should eat.

Celebrities such as Cheryl Cole, Elizabeth Hurley, Cliff Richard and Courteney Cox claim the diet works for them.

D’Adamo says type Os have high stomach acidity for protein digestion; type As have low acidity for digesting grain; type Bs have inherited a perfect balance of enzymes for digesting dairy; and type ABs can handle the widest variety of foods.

Read what the b+s nutritionist has to say about the Blood Type Diet


  • Generally: They don’t believe in hiding their light under a bushel; if they are good at what they do they want applause and recognition. They revel in work and there is hardly a limit to the amount they can do. Their eyes are wide open and their brain is alert. They enjoy being a powerful influence in their own sphere of activity. They like to work in organisations where they can be seen to excel.
  • Men: Can often need love as much as they need food. They are capable of deep affections and usually have a choice of women, but those who are more highly motivated egotists see sex as a conquest and soon lose interest.
  • Women: They make excellent housewives as long as there is an abundance of money for the home, but they are not particularly good at pinching and scraping to make ends meet. When this is a necessity, the glamour of their lives fades out and monotony fills its place. They need a?great deal of diversion and the men in their lives should see to it that they?get it. They can also be highly possessive and prone to jealousy.


  • Generally: They tend to be perfectionists and more than a little finicky. In fact, details mean so much to them they often irritate family and friends. They can be over-sensitive and often hold back when they should go ahead. This makes them unfit for certain types of leadership. When they are in charge, they can make impossible demands on subordinates because they can work for long stretches without a break and are oblivious to the yawns of those around them.
  • Men: They require friendship and love in order to exist. They often marry early, though they generally have more than one relationship before making a binding choice – and even then they are the least likely of all the blood groups to be unfaithful. They love to be surrounded by security
    and home comforts.
  • Women: Can drift into marriage almost as a matter of course. They are not known to be demonstrative lovers, and the less romance that comes into the affair the better. Nevertheless, when they do marry they do so with the full intention of making the union as harmonious as is humanly possible.

+ Famous type As: Christina Ricci, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robin Williams, Alan Alda, Britney Spears, Ringo Starr

Did you know? In Japan, an industry of customised products has sprung up, with soft drinks, bath salts and even condoms catering for different blood types


Source: bodyandSoul


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