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How To Get Rid Of Underarm Skin Darkening

How To Get Rid Of Underarm Skin Darkening
How To Get Rid Of Underarm Skin Darkening

Are you are harried about your darkened underarms? There are many women who are afraid to wear sleeveless and tank tops due to the darker patches that have formed on their underarms. These do not form suddenly but over time. Usually there are common causes that are associated with dark underarms. For others, they might suffer ailments which will lead to underarm skin darkening. It is important to know the causes and the symptoms so that it can be prevented. There are simple home remedies that one can use in order to keep the underarm areas light and even toned as the rest of the body.

Causes Of Underarm Skin Darkening

If you are stressed about the darkened underarm pits, you need to find out how the skin pigmentation works. That is the main cause why the darker spots appear in different parts of our body.

  1. Exposure to sunlight for a prolonged period of time. That can only darken the skin. Everyone is liable to witness a change in their skin color as the ultraviolet rays strike the exposed skin. The special cells such as the melanocytes are known to produce a brown colored pigment. This pigment is known to protect the skin from the UV light. Thus, the skin produces more melanin when it is exposed to the sun for a long time.
  2. Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition that is excessive darkening of the skin. It is a symptom of a disease known as the Addison’s disease. This is a disorder that comes on when the adrenal glands fail to produce certain hormones of required levels
  3. Hormonal changes occur in the body during pregnancy and that in turn leads to changed production of melanin. Thus, one may see blotchy skin in different parts of the body including the underarms
  4. Usage of shavers and other cosmetic creams could also be the reason due to which the skin in the underarm areas starts to darken over time

Symptoms Of Underarm Skin Darkening

There are several symptoms that can act as telltale signs of the skin darkening in the armpit region over time:
• Constant exposure to bright sunlight
• Frequent use of razors
• Use of harsh deodorants on the skin
The skin will appear darker even when shaved. At such times, there needs to be taken certain precautions which will help to prevent further skin darkening of the armpits as well as help reduce or reverse the dark patches on the skin in such sensitive areas.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Underarm Skin Darkening

1. Natural Bleaching Agents

One could use natural beaching agents on their underarm areas with regularity. That will surely lead to the skin becoming less dark or lighter. There are certain vegetables and fruits that we have in our kitchen which can act as natural bleaching agents. These have anti bacterial, acidic and antiseptic properties. They help to lighten up the skin ton naturally.
• Lemon is one such agent. It can be scrubbed on the skin and left on for some time.
• Thin slices of cucumber are also known to have an anti tanning effect. The juice of thin slices will work wonders on tanned underarm areas
• Cucumber applied on the affected areas , either as thin slices or grated form to get the juice on the affected area

2. Home Made Scrubs Or Packs

Just like anti tanning face packs are created and applied on our faces to lighten up our skin, the same packs will work when the underarm areas become dark.
• A paste made out of cucumber juice, lemon juice and turmeric will work wonders. It needs to be left on for some time and then washed off
• A paste made of lemon juice, honey, yoghurt will work wonders. While the lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent, mixed with honey or yoghurt it will reduce the tendency of the skin to be dried out by the lemon juice

3. Use An Exfoliating Pack

It is necessary to exfoliate the region to:
• Remove dead skin cells
• Lighten up the skin

4. Use Natural Exfoliating Packs

It is better to opt for natural exfoliating packs made of natural ingredients made at home:
• Use a mixture of brown sugar and extra virgin vinegar when you bathe. After the skin is moist, the area should be scrubbed gently and then rinsed off.
• A pack of baking soda and water can be also an effective scrub
• Orange peel dried and made into a powder can be used as an effective scrub

5. Use Of Milk

Milk contains necessary fatty acids and vitamins which makes it effective as a scrub.
• A paste of cold milk and flour can be made
• This paste should be applied for some time and then scrubbed off

6. Use Of Vinegar

In two or three teaspoons of vinegar one can add on rice flour to make a paste.
• This paste should be applied on wet underarms
• After leaving it on for ten to fifteen minutes it should be rinsed off

7. Use Of Coconut Oil

There is essential vitamin E in coconut oil which is beneficial for the skin and helps to lighten it.
• One could massge coconut oil in the underarm areas
• Leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes and then take a warm and exfoliating bath

8. Making A Whitening Pack

A natural whitening pack can be made and applied once or twice in a week to lighten up the skin and make the process faster:
• Make a paste of lemon juice, turmeric, yoghurt and flour
• Keep the paste on for ten to fifteen minutes
• Rinse off with warm water or when taking bath

9. Give Up Shaving

The following reasons lead to darker underarm pits due to shaving:
• Shaving leads to darker hair growth
• Frequent shaving leads to coarser and darker skin

10. Take Up Waxing

Waxing may be more painful but there are easy wax strips available which one can use at home.
• Waxing leads to removal of hair from the roots
• It makes the skin appear lighter and the effect stays for a longer time

11. Switching Deodorants

It is necessary to switch deodorants for the following reasons:
• The chemicals present in antiperspirants can darken the skin
• Natural deodorants contain skin lightening agent

12. Changing One’s Diet

It is necessary to follow a healthy and detoxifying diet. One should consume the following:
• More of natural foods like frits and vegetables and whole grains and less of starchy and sugary foods
• Less of fried and processed food items will restrict the buildup of toxins and sugars in the blood stream

13. Stop The Pill

If you have been taking oral contraceptives, it might be time to stop it:
• That leads to hormonal changes which might lead to skin darkening
• Changing the prescription to a better suited pill will improve the situation

14. Stop Dead Cell Accumulation

The main reason for skin darkening could be neglect of proper skin care. Hence, one needs to exfoliate the region regularly in order to ensure that the skin is lighter and dead skin cells are removed.
• One can make use of a natural scrub made out of orange peel powder or lemon juice and brown sugar
• One could apply natural bleaching agents and use an scrub to take it off

15. Avoid Friction

Often the kind of clothes we wear and the fabric that the clothes are made out of is harmful for the skin. If the skin cannot breathe easily, bacteria and other germ are trapped inside. Again, constant friction with the fabric of the clothes might lead to the skin becoming irritated and dark.
• Wear clothes that allow free flow of air
• Avoid wearing clothes made of synthetic fabric especially around the underarms

16. Control Hereditary Factors

It is known that some people have darker skin in their underarm areas more than others. For that reason:
• One needs to take precaution like scrubbing and cleaning the area once or twice a week at least
• Use of lightening or whitening natural packs

17. Control Diabetes

One hereditary factor could also be diabetes for which the onset of darkened armpits can come about:
• One needs to ensure a diet of healthy foods to keep diabetes under control
• Regular exercise will keep one healthy

18. Use Of Natural Deodorant

It is better to avoid the use of chemical deodorants. One could use natural ingredients to stop body odor:
• Sandalwood based products are known to act a natural deodorant
• Coconut oil, vinegar and rose water are other natural agents which can help to keep the underarms healthy and free of body odor

Are you seeking ways to have lighter underarms? Are you embarrassed to wear the sleeveless tops? You do not need to hide any-more with the help of the home remedies mentioned above.


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