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How to Get Rid of Peeling Fingertips

How to Get Rid of Peeling Fingertips
How to Get Rid of Peeling Fingertips

The problem of peeling fingertips is a common issue that is faced by many people at sometime or the other. As the skin on the fingers and around the tip is gentle and sensitive, proper care has to be taken in order to avoid the skin from peeling off. There can be many reasons which can cause the skin to peel around the fingertips. It is best that one learns the causes so that preventive measures can be taken. Once the possible causes are known, one will surely be able to identify the symptom and take steps to prevent the peeling fingertips condition. There are several common and beneficial natural home remedies that one can take up to prevent the onset of peeling fingertips condition.

Causes Of Peeling Fingertips:

There can be several causes of peeling fingertips that are summarized below:

  1. Eczema is a skin condition that can lead to easy peeling of skin. The sensitive areas like the fingertips can have flaky skin under such a skin disorder
  2. Sunburn is another reason which can cause the skin to peel off. Intense sun exposure will cause the outer layer to peel off in order to allow new skin to emerge
  3. Psoriasis is another skin disorder which leads to frequent renewal of the skin process
  4. Any kind of skin infection which causes wearing away of the skin can lead to skin infection
  5. Extreme cold temperature can reduce the moisture content of the skin and make the skin shrivel up and peel away
  6. Use of harsh chemicals can lead to the skin peeling away around the fingertips
  7. Washing the hands frequently will lead to the skin fraying and peeling away
  8. Other causes are allergies, deficiency of vitamin B, diabetes and others

Symptoms Of Peeling Fingertips

The symptoms of peeling fingertips are common for many. However, those who suffer from skin related disorders like psoriasis or eczema will find such a condition persistent:

  1. When one is washing their hands frequently or has used harsh soaps or medicated ointments, the skin around the fingertips becomes dry
  2. When the skin around the fingertips is feeling dry and scorched, the skin will start to peel off
  3. The skin will feel irritated and sensitive
  4. The skin may become reddish and blotchy
  5. There might be itching sensation

Simple Home Remedies to Get Rid of Peeling Fingertips

Peeling fingertips is usually a temporary problem for many. It gets cured within a time span of a few days when new skin starts to surface. However, for some the problem of peeling fingertips might be persistent. There are natural treatments that can be tried at home in order to deal with such a problem and prevent it from occurring again. Indeed, fingertips are a part of our external appearance and the skin of our fingertips and its health is a vital part of our overall grooming and appearance.

1. Use Of Warm Water

One should use warm water if they are plagued with the issue of peeling fingertips. That is because warm water has certain properties that prove beneficial when one is facing such a skin condition:
• One needs to soak their hands in warm water. This leads to the water being absorbed by the skin which might have become dry.
• Dry skin will start falling off
• Warm water to which natural moisturizers are added like honey or olive oil will help to moisturize the skin

2. Add Moisturizer To Your Cleaning Routine

Through the day we might be washing the hands several times but we do not follow it up with a moisturizing routine. If one has peeling fingertips caused by dry and flaky skin, it is best to:
• Use moisturizer after every wash
• The moisturizers made of natural ingredients or petroleum jelly will help to preserve the moisture in the skin

3. Drying The Hands Gently

When one has washed their hands, the hands need to be dried gently. Often, we do not give a thought to how we dry our hands. We might squeeze it on our clothes or rub the hands against a coarse towel. It is best to:
• Dry the hands gently so that they are not wiped dry completely
• The moisture should be left behind on the hands and not dried off completely
It is advised that the hands are patted dry gently on a soft piece of cloth or towel

4. Use Of Cucumber

One can use cucumber on the affected area as cucumber is known to possess anti inflammatory and healing properties for the skin:
• Cucumber slices rubbed on the affected area will work on the damaged cells
• The natural moisture content will be restored
• Irritation will be reduced
In such ways cucumber can work wonders on affected skin areas

5. Use Of Olive Oil

Olive oil is known to contain omega 3 and other essential fatty acids that are beneficial for the skin as well as the whole system.
• if one uses olive oil added to the water used for washing hands or
• olive oil is massaged onto the hands after washing
These steps can help ensure that the skin is moisturized and nourished which will keep the skin from becoming dry and peeling off.
home remedies for Peeling Fingertips

6. Drink Water

When it comes to dealing with peeling fingertips, it is not so much what you put on your hands but what you eat and drink as well. Peeling fingertips could be a sign of dehydration and lack of adequate fluids in the body:
• water should be consumed in adequate measure
• drinking enough fluids and water will keep the system hydrated and help to flush out the toxins

7. Drink For The Health Of The Skin

When you are drinking to keep the skin looking supple and healthy you need to stay away from:
• alcohol
• caffeinated beverages
• soft drinks
It is best to supplement one’s diet with fruit juices, coconut water and natural water.

8. Treatment With Oats

Another useful kitchen ingredient is oats. Oats in a bowl of warm water in which the hands are submerged would work wonders. The oats help to:
• scrub away the dead skin cells
• once the dead skin cells are removed a gentle moisturizer can be massaged on the fingers and hands
That way the dead skin cells are removed and the hands will feel soft, supple and moisturized by the end of the treatment.

9. Use Of Mint Juice

There are many medicinal properties that mint juice contains:
• it works as a great natural moisturizer
• the mint juice should be applied on affected area and kept on overnight
The treatment is helpful in case of skin conditions like eczema and other skin disorders which lead to skin dryness and flaky skin.

10. Benefit Of Milk

Milk is known to be a great moisturizer as well as a drink fortified with micronutrients. It can be used in the following manner:
• one can drink warm milk with honey or nuts before going to bed which keeps the body warm and one will have proper sleep
• the hands dipped in warm milk and honey will surely work wonders on flaky skin

11. The Magic Of Aloe Vera

The use of aloe vera gel is known to work wonders for all kinds of skin disorders.
• To treat peeling fingertips one simply has to apply the aloe vera gel on the affected area
• The soothing and cooling properties help to reduce inflammation
• Smoothness and dryness is removed from the skin
• The juice can be drunk as well for additional detoxifying benefits

12. Using Honey

Just like olive honey, honey too is a well known natural moisturizer. For treating peeling fingertips the honey can be used for:
• Warm milk and honey can be dabbed on the dry and flaky skin
• Honey drunk with warm milk at night will help to restore moisture content for the overall skin
• Honey, sandalwood power and rose water can make an effective healing pack for the dry and flaking skin

13. Banana

Banana can be used to deal with the peeling skin matter effectively:
• A mixture of ripe banana, sour cream can help to treat the peeling fingertips
• The fruit can be consumed daily to ensure that potassium and other essential salts and vitamins that it provides is fortified in the system
• The banana is known to have healing properties for flaky skin

14. Consuming Nuts

It is best to increase nuts consumption for:
• Increasing the omega 3 and fatty acids content in the system
• Such nutrients ensure that the system is able to heal faster and has enough fats in the system

15. Consume Good Fatty Food Items

Not every fatty food is bad and some are required to keep off the flaky and peeling skin:
• Food cooked in olive oil
• Lean meat fat and fish oil contain essential oils for the system

16. Increase Protein Intake

One needs to ensure high protein diet in order to keep up the metabolism rate:
• Protein helps in cell or tissue generation
• It will help in rebuilding and repair of skin cells

17. Increase Blood Circulation

Being active and taking part in exercises will have an indirect effect in giving healthy skin:
• As blood circulation is kept up, detoxification process is rapid
• Blood circulation leads to healing and regeneration processes to be sped up

18. Keep Stress At Bay

All ailments are worsened when the body is stressed. One needs to keep:
• Stress at bay by balancing work and rest
• Indulging in relaxation techniques

19. Practice Yoga

Such techniques are known to be beneficial for:
• Increasing blood circulation
• Ensuring good health

Are you plagued with peeling fingertips and other skin ailments? You are sure to get relief by referring to one or many of the home remedies mentioned above.


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