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Home Remedies For Shaking Teeth

Home Remedies For Shaking Teeth

Home Remedies For Shaking Teeth

Looseness of teeth is something that is usually caused by a disease called periodontum. That is mainly due to the gingiva which affects the tissues surrounding the teeth. The bone structure which supports the teeth also becomes fragile. The fibrous attachment that exists between the bone structure and the teeth become soft and fragile and that is what leads to shaking of teeth. The loose tooth has several causes and symptoms which need to be understood in order to choose the right remedies for the cure. It is known that some form of tooth mobility is natural. Tooth is not fixed completely to the sockets. The teeth are attached to the bones with the help of elastic ligaments. That allows them to move to a certain extent. The movement is discernible when one clenches their tooth. If the movement of the tooth is visible then it is an indication of shaking teeth.

Causes Of Shaking Teeth

The causes of wobbly teeth can be brought on by:

  • Extensive gum cleaning which wears out the gum tissue and makes it weak
  • Splinting could occur which can lead to shaking teeth
  • Bite adjustments as part of orthodontic treatments
  • Usage of night guards for bleaching of teeth
  • Treatment of abscesses
  • Lack of oral hygiene
  • When floss is not done it leads to development of plaque around the gumline. That in turn leads to trapping of bacteria. The gums are irritated and the root becomes exposed.
  • The bacteria that is trapped starts to destroy the bone which lead to the wobbly teeth
  • One could inherit the condition of shaking teeth from their parents and immediate family

Symptoms Of Shaking Teeth

Those who face the problem of shaking teeth face certain symptoms that show that they are developing such a condition:

  • Shaking teeth is evident when the teeth feel wobbly especially while eating
  • There is discomfort felt while chewing food as the teeth wobble and do not function properly
  • The mobile teeth might generate pain and toothache
  • The tissue around the mobile tooth becomes red and swollen
  • There is sign of damage and bleeding from the gums that suffer from gingivitis

Home Remedies For Shaking Teeth Problem

It is known that periodontitis is the condition that causes loose or wobbly teeth. This is an infection that leads to destruction of the soft tissues and the bones that surround the teeth. Not only is such a condition not restricted to the destruction of the teeth setting, it can elevate risks of heart attack and other serious problems like stroke. It is imperative that the condition be detected early and steps are taken at home in order to strengthen the teeth and the health of the gum surrounding the teeth.

1. Ensure Proper Oral Hygiene
It is necessary that one follows regular and proper oral hygiene such as:
• Brushing teeth twice a day
• Flossing
• Using mouthwash
• Washing or rinsing mouth after meals

2. Benefit Of Ayurvedic Remedies
Ayurveda is an ancient study of natural herb and plant based medicines. There are many remedies that are offered for the healing of gum and teeth problems by this stream:
• Ayurvedic remedies are healthy and do not bring on side effects
• They help to strengthen the system and bring on the benefits of herbs and plant

3. Use Of Pepper And Turmeric
One of the known Ayurvedic remedies which can work for the shaking teeth problem is the use of pepper and turmeric for the building of stronger gums. For such a treatment the following steps need to be followed:
• Even amounts of black pepper and turmeric root has to be taken
• The two ingredients need to be crushed together
• The mixture should be massaged onto the gums for one to two minutes
• The mouth should then be rinsed
• One should not eat or drink anything before thirty minutes had elapsed since the treatment
• The remedy can be of help if it is done daily.

4. Use Of Table Salt And Mustard Oil
In order to strengthen the gum, one can take up the following steps:
• A mixture of salt and mustard oil can help to strengthen the gums
• It prevents loose teeth from coming on when one is aging
• The right amount for this mixture is one eighth of table salt along with two drops of mustard oil
• The mixture needs to be massaged onto the gums with fingers for a minute
• The mouth should be rinsed off with clean water

5. The Benefit Of Amla Fruit
Amla is known to have many beneficial properties and it can also help to strengthen the gums. It even helps the connective tissues to heal.
• Even amounts of amla extract and water should be mixed in a cup
• The mouth should be rinsed with the mixture once per day
• After the mouth is rinsed with the amla mixture one should not eat or drink for a least one hour.
• The extract consumption is also beneficial

6. Use Of Oregano Oil
• When one has swollen or painful gums, they can resort to oregano oil
• It will help to reduce the inflammation and prove relief

7. Use Of Salt
• Salt is known to have many beneficial effects on oral health
• It can be used along with tepid water in order to rinse the mouth as it works as a gentle antiseptic
• It can be massaged on the gum to reduce inflammation

8. Resort To Liquid Diet
If you have problem eating solid food, it is best to give your teeth and gums rest.
• One can resort to warm soup and liquids to help them tide over the phase of pain ad inflammation
• Consumption of chicken soup and other nutritional soups will keep up the nutrient intake as well as increase the protein intake which is necessary to fight the inflammation

9. Use Of Peppermint Oil
• Peppermint oil in undiluted form can be rubbed on the sore or affected area to find relief
• Peppermint oil can also be used in diluted condition as a mouth rinse to find relief

10. Increase The Intake Of Green And Leafy Vegetables
It is necessary to bolster the immune system. Hence, a proper and balanced diet will go a long way to ensuring that
• infections are kept at bay
• the tooth and gum health is maintained

11. Reduce The Intake Of Acidic Fruits Like Lime Or Lemon
While the intake of fresh fruits and leafy vegetables form part of a wholesome diet if one is suffering from tooth or gum problems then they need to avoid fruits like:
• lime
• lemon or any other acidic fruit which wears away at the enamel of the teeth and exposes the root which in turn increases sensitivity

12. Use Of Clove Oil
Clove oil is a natural remedy to control inflamed gums and toothache. However, it only addresses the symptoms and does not guarantee better tooth or gum health.
• usage of clove oil is similar to peppermint oil
• it can be used to massge on affected area to control inflammations and get relief

13. Increase Intake Of Probiotics
Probiotics are known to help ensure healthy growth of bacteria in our gut. When harmful bacteria attack our system, the healthy bacteria in the gut come of use to combat such infection.
• Probiotic in our diet can help to build up the immune system
• Yoghurt is a popular source of probiotics

14. Intake Of Vitamin Supplements
• Vitamins need to be taken in as part of the daily diet
• If it is not easy to eat wholesome food one needs to have vitamin supplements

15. Increase Fluid Intake
It is known to fluid intake can help to remove toxins and increase circulation
• One should drink plenty of water and other fluids
• That helps the system to be hydrated so that gum and teeth problems are lowered

16. Do Not Consume Sweet Substances
• Sweet substances like chocolates, cakes and pastries as well as desserts items should be avoided
• The sugar on such food items is known to attack the enamel of the teeth

17. Use Of Mouthwash
• Frequent rinses with mouthwash will help to remove harmful bacteria from the mouth and gum areas
• It helps to keep bacterial build up from happening in between the teeth and gums

18. Staying Away From Teeth Whitening Kits
While home teeth whitening kits are heavily advertised, one needs to stay away from them as they can cause harm:
• Bleaching agents wear away the enamel
• It also weakens the gum tissues

Does the above knowledge fortify your faith in home remedies for shaking teeth problem? Not all problems need immediate medical intervention. Some can be solved with timely intervention in the form of home remedies if they are taken up sincerely and over a long period of time.


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