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Effective Home Remedies For Itching Eyes

Effective Home Remedies For Itching Eyes
Effective Home Remedies For Itching Eyes

Itching eyes are actually a symptom of an underlying cause.  Though itching eyes do not cause any threat to eyesight, they can be a source of irritation and anxiety for patients. It can affect the quality of day- to- day life of a person. Itchy eye is a common problem and it gets worse during the pollen season or in the highly – polluted environment. Any unpleasant itchy sensation in and around the eyes is considered as an itchy eye. This is a very common condition seen with people suffering from allergy. To treat itchy eyes it is necessary to find out the underlying cause of itchiness.

Causes Of Itching Eyes

•    Allergies to pollen are a cause for allergic conjunctivitis causing redness and itching
•    Dryness of the eyes
•    Asthma, allergic rhinitis and eczema can cause itching of the eyes
•    Contact lenses and improper hygiene while using contact lenses can induce conjunctivitis and itching
•    Bacterial infections
•    Triggers like warm climate and pet dander increases the itching of the eyes
•    Sensitivity to certain cosmetic products can cause itching

Symptoms Of Itching Eyes

The important symptoms of the itchy eyes are
•    Continuous  itching of the eye
•    Burning sensation of the eye
•    Runny eyes
•    Inflamed eyelids
•    Inflammation of conjunctiva
•    Red and irritated eyes and eyelids
•    Discharge from the eye
•    Sensitivity to light
Usually antihistamine drops are used to relieve eye itching caused by allergy.  The best method to control eye itching is to avoid allergens. There are many home remedies available to reduce the redness and itching of the eyes caused by different reasons or triggers.

Effective Home Remedies For Itching Eyes

The following are some of the effective home remedies that you can follow to get rid of itching eyes.

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an effective and natural home remedy that is used to effectively treat itching eyes.
• Cut open the leaf of fresh Aloe Vera plant and extract the Aloe Vera juice. Mix this juice with a teaspoon of honey and half a cup of elderberry blossom tea.
• Rinse your eyes with this solution mixture for a minimum of two times a day.
• Repeat this daily until the itching eye problem is solved completely.

2. Vegetable Juices

Raw vegetable juices, especially raw carrot juices and spinach juices, are found to be very effective in treating itching eye problems.
• You need to extract fresh carrot juice from one or two carrots and drink this juice twice every day to get rid of itching eyes.
• You can also extract spinach juice from fresh spinach leaves and drink this juice to get the desired result.
• You can think of combining both the carrot and spinach juice and drink it twice a day to see effective results.

3. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek is a natural ingredient that you can use to treat itching eye problems.
• Soak fenugreek seeds in water for about 8 to 10 hours. Grind the seeds with enough water to make a smooth paste.
• Apply this fenugreek seed paste over your eyes and leave it there for 20 minutes.
• Wash the paste off your eyes with cold water.
• Repeat this process two times a day until you get complete relief from itching eyes.

4. Raw Potatoes

Raw potatoes are an effective home remedy that you can think of when you have trouble with itching eyes.
• Cut a raw cleaned potato into thin round slices. Keep the cut slices in the refrigerator for several minutes.
• Now, once the slices are cooled, remove it from the refrigerator and place it over your eyes for about 30 minutes.
• Repeat this process three times a day to get better relief from itching eyes.

5. Cold Milk

Milk is considered to be one of the best home remedies for itching eyes.
• Take a clean cotton ball and dip it in a glass of cold milk.
• Now, rub the cotton ball around your eyes.
• You can also place the cotton ball soaked with cold milk on the eyes and use it as a cold compress to get an instant cooling effect for the eyes. Keep it there on your eyes for 15 to 20 minutes.
• Repeat this process three times a day to get effective results and to get rid of itching eye problem soon.

6. Water And Salt

Water and salt are common home remedies that you can use to treat itching eyes. This has been in practice for centuries now.
• In a cup of distilled pure water add a teaspoon of salt. This is a natural eye wash.
• Boil this natural eye wash until the soil completely dissolves in the water.
• Allow the water to cool to room temperature and then flush your eyes with this water to get relief from itching eyes.

7. Goldenseal

• Take two teaspoons of Goldenseal herb powder and mix it with a cup of water.
• Bring this water to a boil and use it as a warm compress on your eyes to get effective relief from itching eyes.
• You can also use this solution as an eye drop. Add two to three drops of this solution in your eyes thrice a day to get relief from itching eyes.

8. Water

• It is important for you to drink plenty of water every day to stay hydrated.
• Drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water every day to keep your eyes hydrated. This will help in preventing itching eyes.

9. Witch Hazel

• Witch hazel is an ingredient that works effectively to treat itching eye problems.
• You can use witch hazel soaked cotton balls or gauze pad as a cold compress on your closed eyes.
• Leave it there for a few minutes. Repeat this remedy three times a day to get effective results. The astringent properties of witch hazel will help in reducing swelling of the eyes.

10. Castor Oil

• Castor oil is very effective in treating eye problems and it is one of the main ingredients that you will find in commercial eye drops.
• Use a clean dropper and then suck pure castor oil in the cleaned dropper.
• Pour one drop of castor oil in each eye. Repeat this process three to four times a day to reduce eye swelling and provide a soothing effect to your eyes.

11. Cold Compress

To get instant relief from itching and redness of the eye you can use a cold compress. Using chamomile tea bags as cold compress will be more effective.
• Soak a cloth in ice cold water and place it over the eyes
• Place chilled chamomile tea bags over the eyes
• Do these remedies 3-4 times a day to get fast relief

12. Cucumber

Cucumber provides coolness to the eyes and soothes the eyes. It reduces the irritation of the eyes and reduces swelling of the eyes.
• Wash and clean the cucumber and make thin slices of it
• Refrigerate it for 15-20 minutes and put them over the eyes
• Repeat the remedy four to five times a day

13. Green Tea

Green tea has anti-inflammatory property along with other health benefits. They can be used to get relief from itching eyes.
• Boil two green tea bags in one cup of distilled water to make tea for eye wash.
• Allow the preparation to cool and wash the eyes using this solution
• Use this eye wash 2-3 times to flush your eyes so that the symptoms of itchy eyes get subsided

14. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has antiseptic properties and anti bacterial property and hence help to fight any infection of the eyes causing eye itching.
• Mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with one cup of water
• Use this solution to wash your eyes to get relief from itching and irritation

15. Baking Soda

Baking soda solution can soothe the eyes and help to fight infections
• Make a solution of baking soda by mixing 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in ½ cup water.
• Wash your eyes thoroughly with this solution to soothe your eye.


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