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Dos and don’ts of healthy hair growth

Dos and don’ts of healthy hair growth
Dos and don’ts of healthy hair growth

No luck with long locks? The answer can lie anywhere from your diet and hormones, to your thyroid and scalp circulation. Here are our sure-fire steps to encouraging healthy hair growth.


Eat your hair sexy

When it comes to healthy hair growth, diet is key, and there are some essential products to include in your food day.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids are incredibly important  to the body – they’re found in the cells that line the scalp and provide hydrating oils for the hair and scalp. Look out for oily fish, avocado, pumpkin seeds, walnuts.

Vitamin C is another go-to source of health hair growth as it produces collagen that lines hair strands, protecting them from breakage. Go for citrus fruits and red capsicums.

Think Zinc. Found in beef, oysters and egg, zinc is great for scalp protection and is often used to prevent hair loss, as well as a dry, flaky scalp.


Over heat your hair

Direct heat can burn your hair, so over-use of hair straighteners, dryers and curling irons can cause real damage and prevent healthy growth.

Hair dryers are one of the biggest culprits, since you hold the heat in one spot for a length of time. Make sure you don’t touch the hair with your hair dryer, keeping it away from the brush itself. Try and towel dry your hair when you can and always use a heat protecting product.


Try a natural remedy

Fusion® Health Hair Tonic is a great place to start. This modern herbal medicine is formulated with traditional Chinese herbs to promote healthy hair growth, including strength, volume and lustre.

Thinning hair may also be a symptom of biotin deficiency. Up your intake by eating nuts and brown rice – or take it as a supplement – to improve your scalp and nail health  all in one go.

Finally, saw palmetto is another great remedy – give it a try, it’s often used as a herbal remedy to cure hair loss in men and can give hair growth a great boost.

Also think about your thyroid, Hyperthyroidism can cause thinning to the hair. Add iodine-rich foods like kelp to your diet, but if symptoms persist contact your GP or naturopath.


Grow it don’t slow it

Well at least don’t stop cutting it. Many women avoid giving their hair a trim in order to grow in length. In fact, by not going for the snip, you’re causing further damage to your hair. Cut your split ends regularly so the hair does not split further up the hair shaft and cause you to lose even more length in the long run.


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