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Health Benefits of Cucumber

Cucumbers are one of the best foods which are known to beat summer heat also giving a cooling effect to the body however the culinary world does not seem to give this the respect it actually deserves by using it only for salads or at times only for garnishing purpose ...

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Health Benefits of Papaya Fruit

Starting from hair to toes in feet can get healthy by eating papaya which is known to supply power to entire body, there are not many who are not willing to fall in love with papayas once they get to know various advantages it offers for the body. Each and ...

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How to Survive a Heart Attack when Alone

Anything which is prepared for right from the start is surely going to help in saving themselves, taking this into consideration and the fact that heart attacks are the primary reason causing deaths of several people. We are offering some points which will help in identifying the heart attack symptoms ...

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Miracle Drink – Apple, Beetroot & Carrot Juice

Juice prepared from apple, beetroot and carrot has gained the name of being miracle drink due to the innumerable advantages which can be benefited from both brain and body. The name this drink has acquired is all due to the several advantages, this was discovered by Chinese Herbalists who have ...

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Amazing Health Benefits Of Green Tea

Many people say that green tea is good for health and is believed that it helps in attaining weight loss. When taken regularly green tea also offers many other health benefits. This tasty beverage contains a potent nutrient called as EGCG or epigallocatechin gallate. Why Green Tea? Green tea has ...

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Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common health problem seen in many people. It is also known as hypertension, a chronic medical condition that occurs when there is an elevated pressure of the blood in the arteries. Usually the blood pressure is measured by the systolic and diastolic movements. High blood ...

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Home Remedies For Gastric Problem

Are you embarrassed by gas problems??? Explained below are, some of the causes that result in gastric trouble and simple home remedies that help you get rid of this annoying problem. Gastric trouble is not actually a disease but it is a kind of health condition that is an outcome ...

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