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Foods that Cleanse the Liver

Foods that Cleanse the Liver
Foods that Cleanse the Liver

Rubbery and reddish brown colored organ which is found on right side of the stomach weighing 3 pounds is the one which is usually found to gather toxins from the body and sending them out of the body that is commonly called as liver. Liver also resembles a filtering system which can take in anything bad and give out only good for better usage in the body.

For any person to remain healthy it is necessary that liver remains in active mode doing its duty appropriately which is removal of dangerous material from the bloodstream and helps in easy digestion of food.

One other duty of liver is to produce bile which works as detoxifier by dividing the food and absorption of proteins and fats from the food that is eaten, liver is also known to store some necessary vitamins and minerals which will help in maintaining hormonal balance by production of some important enzymes for the body.

Though liver is known to clean the toxins it is not good to expose it to too much of toxins which will have a negative effect on the organ’s functioning which is its ability to detoxification of the body or its ability to help in absorption of necessary nutrients which will ultimately result in some dangerous problems for the body.

It has to be noted that several enzyme systems are built in liver which are necessary for proper activity in the body like eyes, heart, brain, joints and kidneys which are all based on the proper working of liver. If liver is not capable of producing even any one of the enzymes which are necessary for the body then it will cause deficiency in entire body further also increasing stress on body metabolism.

There is a huge list of foods which are known to help liver in performing its duties also keeping it healthy and the list goes as given below:

    • Garlic:

      Reason for the repelling odor in garlic cloves is the key element which helps in detoxifying of body which is possible by enzyme produced in liver. Presence of natural compounds selenium and allicin in garlic are known to clean the liver also protecting it from any damage being done to the organ from toxins.

    • Grapefruit:

      This is one of the best elements to clean liver due to the presence of Vitamin C and antioxidants in them for which it is necessary to drink freshly taken grapefruit juice which is found to help liver in production of detoxifying enzymes. These enzymes take in toxins only to emit carcinogens along with several other damage causing toxins away from the body. There is one other important element in liver a flavonoid named naringenin which is known to help liver in burning body fat.

    • Carrot, beetroot:

      They are the foods which are known from a long time to be liver friendly due to the presence of necessary flavonoids and beta-carotene to keep the liver in its working condition.

    • Green Tea:

      Catechin, special antioxidant’s presence in green tea is found to be important removing any liver fat that has been stored for a while which otherwise will cause hindrance to the functioning of liver. It is these antioxidants which will help in protecting against the harmful toxins which are passed onto the liver.

    • Green veggies:

      Harmful toxins found in blood are all sucked up by the leafy green vegetables which also give proper process to the liver so that this organ can nullify any negative effect the toxins might have on it. Anything like Spinach, Bitter gourd, Arugula, Mustard greens and Chichory are found to be grouped under green vegetables.

    • Avocados:

      Glutathione which is said to be an important compound to help in cleaning of liver can be found in abundance in Avocados. These also are found to prevent liver from being overloaded with toxins also increasing the ability of liver to clean waste. Any damaged liver can be cleaned within a week’s consumption of 1 or 2 avocados in one month.

    • Cauliflower, Broccoli:

      They are known to be beneficial in production of some natural enzymes in liver which help in sending out carcinogens and other damage causing toxins from the body. These vegetables along with cabbage are found to help in fighting against cancer.

    • Lime, Lemons:

      Taking lemon or lime juice early in the morning are known to help in motivating liver in detoxification, richer presence of Vitamin C in them are known to break down the toxins into particles which can be cleaned by water.

    • Walnuts:

      Higher presence of arginine in walnuts is known to help in detoxifying duty of liver also helping in preventing any harmful effects of ammonia. Proper chewing will help Omega-3 fatty acids and glutathione from walnuts to clean liver.

    • Turmeric:

      It is one of the Indian spices which is known to be used in curries to add taste to them apart from which it is also known to increase the ability of liver to detoxify. This also is known to initiate cleaning of enzymes and clearing dangerous carcinogens from the body, it also helps in proper maintenance of liver by rejuvenating the cells which have been damaged in liver, increasing the production of bile in liver, proper functioning of gallbladder and shrinking of hepatic ducts which has been enlarged.


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