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What Dating In America Is ACTUALLY Like

We all have questions about dating and relationships: Do people actually meet people at bars? Does online dating ever work? Is the best way to catch someone’s eye to smile, or should I try to look mysterious and aloof? (Well, these are some of my questions, at least.) Potentially more ...

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How To Have The Best Vacation Sex Ever

There’s something especially titillating about the idea of vacation sex. Removed from the struggles of everyday life, we get more adventurous. And the change of scenery makes everything feel fresher. So, next time you take a trip with your S.O. (or on your own), try these tips to take those ...

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4 Reasons You’re Still Single

Monica Parikh is a dating coach and the founder of School of Love NYC, a site intended to help people find happy, healthy relationships. Her personal path has been filled with failure (a traumatic divorce) and unusual anecdotes (dating 67 of NYC’s most eligible bachelors).  In this series, The Love Trials, Monica ...

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