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Appendicitis – How To Know And How To Prevent


Appendicitis is a condition that is brought on by the inflammation of the appendix. It is a tube of tissue that is three and a half inches long. It extends from the large intestine. The appendix consists of tissue that can produce antibodies. Even though it plays a role in digestion, if it becomes inflamed, appendicitis brings on medical emergency. At such a time, one need to undergo surgery in order to get the appendix removed. If the inflamed appendix is not treated, it will eventually burst or spill out infectious materials into the abdominal cavity. That in turn can lead to peritonitis, that is a condition of inflammation of the lining of the abdominal cavity. That can be fatal unless it is treated and quickly with the help of strong antibiotics.

Causes Of Appendicitis

The cause of appendicitis could be several:

  • It could be brought on when the appendix gets blocked
  • The blockage could be due to stool
  • It could be due to a foreign body
  • It could also indicate cancer
  • Any infection of the appendix could also bring on the condition of appendicitis

Symptoms Of Appendicitis

The symptoms of appendicitis are classic and noteworthy:

  • There is a dull pain that is felt near the upper abdomen or the naval area
  • It becomes sharp and moves to the lower right abdomen
  • There is loss of appetite
  • One can experience vomiting or nausea after the pain begins
  • There might be instance of abdominal swelling
  • One could suffer from fever
  • They might not be able to pass gas
  • One could suffer pain wile urinating

When any of these symptoms are noted and they are severe, it is best not to opt for pain remedies or try any other symptomatic relief treatments. That can lead to the inflamed appendix rupturing. Thus, medical attention has to be sought immediately.

Treatment For Appendicitis

This condition is treated by surgery mostly. The procedure is known as appendectomy. That is a standard treatment opted for in case of appendicitis. Most of the surgeries are aimed at removing the appendix so that there is no fear of rupture. If one fears an inflamed appendix, then immediate surgery is required. However, in order to prevent the onset of such a condition, there are many effective home remedies that can be followed.

Following A High Fiber Diet

  • It is recommended that one consumes:
  • Fresh fruits
  • Vegetables

These will allow one to pass out the mucus and other toxins and prevent the possibility of their buildup in the system.

Consuming Green Gram

One of the effective home remedies is green gram:

  • One teaspoon of green gram should be consumed
  • When consumed daily and three times in a day, it allows one to cleanse the system effectively

Other Kitchen Ingredients

One can consume the following ingredients in order to avoid appendicitis:

  • Garlic helps to prevent swelling of appendix
  • Beet and cucumber juices can be consumed
  • Plenty of water will help to flush out the system and maintain a healthy appendix

If you fear appendicitis, it is best to resort to preventive measures immediately. If you have other suggestions or home remedies, you can share your advice or opinion in this forum.


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