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Winter detox plan

Winter detox plan
Winter detox plan

Why not try a one-week cleanse? Perhaps you’ll lose a little weight, you’ll definitely feel chirpier and you’ll even feel fitter.

Start with soup

Dive into your detox with a two-day soup fast. Make a large batch of vegetable and legume soup, with extra cabbage and a dash of miso paste.

Have a large bowl for breakfast, lunch and dinner and a cup in between for snacks. This will provide all the nutrients you need all day as it is filling, low in calories and offers plenty of fibre, fluids, protein, vitamins A, B and C and probiotics.

Keep your diet clean

After two days of soup, you will spend the remaining five days eating clean, healthy foods. Avoid dairy products, sugar, alcohol, coffee, tea, red meat and chicken. Instead, eat fish, fresh or canned in spring water or olive oil; eggs; wholegrains; raw nuts; seeds; legumes and vegetables. Have two or three pieces of fruit a day as well as herbal tea and water.

Get active

Whatever your preferred exercise – be it swimming (in a heated pool, as it is still winter), walking, running or a gym workout – commit to 45 minutes to one hour of exercise a day during this week and push yourself to the max every time you work out.

Try skin brushing

Before your bath or shower, grab a loofah or natural-fibre brush and spend 10 minutes moving it in a gentle circular motion. Go from toes to thighs, fingers to upper arms, belly to back. Avoid the face and decolletage. After bathing, massage in olive or coconut oil with a couple of drops of rosemary or sage oil to enhance circulation and detoxification.

Cleanse the mind

If you know how to meditate, put it into practice for 30 minutes daily. If meditation is not your thing, try prayer, mindfulness, yoga, belly breathing, patting your pussycat … whatever. Consciously clear the mind of stressful thoughts at least once a day. Now, bring on summer.


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