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Top 5 Home Remedies For Colon Cancer

Top 5 Home Remedies For Colon Cancer
Top 5 Home Remedies For Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is considered to be the third most important disease that leads to a lot of deaths among people from all corners of the globe. This type of cancer initially begins in the intestine and in due course of time spread to other parts of the body resulting in danger to the life of the affected person. Some of the main reasons for the development of colon cancer in people are: excess consumption of red meat, history of colon cancer in the family, Crohn’s disease and colon polyps’ formation. Some of the symptoms that you might experience if you are suffering from colon cancer are; stomach pain, blood in stools, weight loss, anemia and narrowing of the stools. If colon cancer is detected in the early stages, then you can think of a few natural remedies that will help in treating colon cancer. This will help in preventing the individuals from undergoing complicated surgeries as well as radiation treatments.

Here are the five best home remedies that can help in preventing the colon cancer:

1.    Green Tea

Green tea has powerful antioxidants as it is rich in catechin polyphenols. Green teas have abundance of this compound and hence help individuals in preventing the formation of the cancer cells. Green tea has been found to be very effective in treating cancer than the normal black or Oolong teas. All the good elements in the green tea are not damaged during the processing of the tea and hence green tea is very effective in killing the cancer cells without causing any damages to the tissues. It has also been researched that regular drinkers of green tea have been able to kill the initial stage colon tumors developed in the body. More than 57% of the people who drank green tea regularly have been found to be free from the colon cancers detected in its early stage.

•    Boil a cup of water and add a teaspoon and a half of best quality organic green tea when the water starts to boil.
•    Leave this mixture to boil at seam for two minutes.
•    Now strain the green tea and drink this green tea. It would be ideal for you to consume two glasses of green tea every day to prevent the spreading of colon cancer in your body.

2.    Increase Intake Of Fibrous Foods

It is very important for you to consume a lot of raw vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber content in order to fight against the problems that are caused in the body by colon cancer. An increase in the intake of raw fibrous vegetables will help in restoring your health by removing the disease of the colon.

Foods To Include In Diet:
•    Make sure that you eat a bowl of fiber rich fruits like pears, guava, apples, raspberries and kiwis everyday to prevent colon cancer from affecting your body and to remove toxins from your body. This will also help in good bowel movement.
•    It is ideal for you to add fiber rich vegetables like carrots, yams, beans, peas, artichoke and broccoli in the raw state in your diet once every day to cleanse your colon from harmful toxins and get rid of all the intestinal problems caused by colon cancer.

3.    Flax Seed

Flax seed is derived from the flax plant and it is a very important source for oil. The brown or yellow colored flax seed has a lot of health benefits as well as it is rich in proteins. The flax seeds are found to be rich in omega 3 fatty acids, fibers, minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients lignan and alpha linolenic acid.

•    Regular consumption of flax seeds will help in cleaning and cleansing the colon and helps in the removal of all the unwanted wastes accumulated in the colon.
•    It also helps in preventing the formation of colon polyps’ and maintains the overall good health of the colon thereby preventing colon cancer.
•    The higher amounts of lignan that you will find in the flax seeds are responsible for preventing and treating colon cancer in individuals.

4.    Ginger And Garlic

Ginger roots or ginger is found to be a best home remedy to reduce the risk of colon cancer in individuals. It will help in reducing the inflammation to a greater extent and thereby reduces the risk of colon cancer. It has been researched that individuals with colon problems have shown reduced colon inflammation on consumption of two grams of ginger supplements everyday for a period of one month. Garlic is not just used as a food spice these days but is also used for its high medicinal properties. It is found that garlic aids in treating colon cancer as it is a big storehouse of organo-sulfur compounds. This helps in preventing the formation of colon polyps in the intestine and thereby it helps in the reduction of risks caused by colon cancer.

•    Consumption of three to four cloves of garlic every day in raw state will help in treating and reducing the effects of colon cancer in individuals.
•    You can also crush a few pods of garlic pieces into a smooth paste and consume it daily to treat colon cancer.
•    You can also consume one or two teaspoons of garlic  juice daily to treat colon cancer
•    Consuming two or three small pieces of ginger in raw state is quite beneficial in treating colon cancer.
•    You can also drink a teaspoon of raw ginger juice with a little bit of honey to lessen colon inflammation.

5.    Turmeric

Turmeric is also not just a good spice that you can use to prepare foods but it also has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that can treat a lot of diseases as well as colon cancer.

•    The roots, bulbs and rhizome of the plant has medicinal properties and it is rich in curcumin that helps in flushing out the unwanted elements from the body.
•    It will help in cleansing the digestive tract of individuals and thereby prevents the formation of colon polyps.
Have you been diagnosed with certain symptoms of colon cancer? Are you in the initial stages of colon cancer and are looking for home remedies to get rid of colon cancer? Well, all you need to do is to try out one or two or all the above mentioned home remedies to prevent the colon cancer to further damage your body and to reduce the symptoms of colon cancer.


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