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10 Effective Home Remedies For Tuberculosis (TB)

10 Effective Home Remedies For Tuberculosis (TB)
10 Effective Home Remedies For Tuberculosis (TB)

Tuberculosis (TB) is a respiratory infection caused by bacteria called ‘Mycobacterium tuberculosis’. This is a highly contagious disease with a high risk of fatality. Though TB is primarily a pulmonary infection, it can affect other organs of the body. The bacteria can remain dormant in the body of the infected person for years without causing any symptoms of the disease.  Repeated or prolonged exposure to the bacteria increases the risk of tuberculosis. The main symptom of this disease includes persistent coughing, fatigue, shortness of breath or labored breathing, night sweats, fever, chest pain etc.  The disease cause tissue death of the infected organ and is fatal. Proper medical treatment will help to remove the bacteria from the body. There are many home remedies that can help to treat the problem in the natural way. These remedies can be used as a complimentary treatment along with conventional medicines.  Here are some of the important home remedies for tuberculosis.

Home Remedies For Tuberculosis

1.    Garlic

Garlic has anti bacterial property as it contains sulphur. This helps in destroying the bacteria causing TB. Garlic also contains allicin and ajoene which helps to inhibit the bacterial growth. Garlic improves the immunity of the body.  Cooked or raw garlic can be used as a remedy.

How To Use?
•     Boil four cups water and one cup of milk together add half teaspoon of chopped garlic and reduce it to one –fourth. Drink this mixture three times daily.
•    Drink a glass of milk to which 10 drops of garlic juice is added before going to bed.  To get better result, do not drink water immediately after consuming the remedy

2.    Banana

Bananas are rich source of nutrients which will boost the immune system of the TB infected person. Bananas help to reduce the fever and cough caused due to tuberculosis.

How To Use?
•     Make a juice of  bananas and drink at least one glass daily
•     You can mix one mashed banana with one cup of coconut water, half-cup of yoghurt and one spoon of honey and consume it twice daily to get relief from cough and other symptoms of tuberculosis.

3.    Custard Apple

Custard apple is an excellent remedy for tuberculosis. It helps in rejuvenating the tissues affected by tuberculosis.

How To Use?
•    Boil the pulp of 2 custard apple and 25 seedless raisins in one and a half cup water for five to ten minutes.
•    When 1/3 of the water is left, filter the mixture
•    Add sugar candy and a pinch of cardamom and cinnamon powder to the filtered liquid and consume it twice daily.

4.    Drumstick

Drumstick leaves have antibacterial and anti- inflammatory properties. This will help to eliminate the bacteria from the lungs. This remedy also helps to reduce the inflammation of the lungs caused by infection and coughing. Drumstick leaves are a good source of iron, calcium, carotene which improves the immunity of the body.

How To Use?
•    Boil a handful of drumstick leaves with one cup water for five minutes
•    Allow this to cool and add salt, pepper and one teaspoon  lime juice
•    Drink this on an empty stomach daily morning to cure tuberculosis
•    You can also consume boiled drumsticks daily to clear the infection.

5.    Oranges

Oranges will help to keep your lungs healthy. The essential minerals and vitamins present in orange rejuvenate the tissues of the lungs. Orange juice acts like an expectorant and relieves cough. Oranges help to prevent the secondary infections of the body by tuberculosis as it boosts the immune system of the body.

How To Use?
•    Take one glass of freshly squeezed juice of orange and add a bit of salt and one tablespoon of honey.
•    Drink this juice daily to nourish the lungs and to regain the tissues.

6.    Pineapple

Pineapple juice is very effective in treating tuberculosis. Pineapple juice helps to reduce the mucus formation and provides faster recovery.

How to use?
•    Drink fresh juice of pineapple on daily basis.

7.    Black Pepper

Black pepper is effective in cleansing the lungs and reducing the mucus production. This in turn helps to relieve the chest pain caused by tuberculosis. Pepper also has anti inflammatory properties which will help to reduce the inflammation caused by infection and coughing.

How To Use?
•    Fry 8-10 black pepper in clarified butter and make a paste of it.
•    Add a pinch of asafetida powder to this paste
•    Take half teaspoon of this remedy  every few hours

8.    Walnut

Walnut is effective in improving the immune response of the body when you are suffering from tuberculosis.  The nutrients in the walnut speed up the healing of the tissues.

How To Use?
•    Walnuts can be eaten as such to improve the immune system
•    Mix two teaspoons of crushed walnut powder with one teaspoon of garlic paste and one teaspoon of clarified butter. Eat this daily to get relief from tuberculosis.

9.    Green Tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and helps to improve the immunity of the body. The polyphenol present in the green tea fight against the bacteria causing tuberculosis.

How To Use?
•    Boil green tea leaves with water to make the tea and consume it twice or thrice daily.
•    You can also use green tea pills available in the market

10.    Mint

Mint has anti bacterial property and helps in the healing of the tissues affected by tuberculosis. Mint will dissolve the mucous and prevents the side effects of tuberculosis drugs.

How To Use?
•     Mix one teaspoon of mint juice with two teaspoon honey and two teaspoon malt vinegar and half cup carrot juice.
•    Divide the mixture into three parts and consume it at regular intervals.

Do you suffer from the symptoms of tuberculosis? Do you want to overcome this problem effectively and quickly? Combine these home remedies with your medical treatment and get fast relief from tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is not a disease to ignore get proper medical advice to get rid of the problem.


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