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5 steps to train your way to a better brain

If you watched Todd Sampson’s 3-part documentary Redesign My Brain and thought you’d like to get in on the action yourself you’re not alone. So we thought why not go to the source directly? Dr Michael Merzenich, the scientist who helped Todd Sampson redesign his brain in the show and ...

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5 ways yoga helps improve mental health

1. Relaxed body, relaxed mind From a purely physical point of view, the stretching involved in yogarelaxes the body and increases the supply of blood and nutrients to the muscles. It releases connective tissue, improving the way we move, function and feel, all of which supports mental health. I’m often ...

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6 ways to save time and stay sane

1. Do a Facebook fast Remember Karen from your under-14 netball team? Karen who loves “sleeping in on Sundays”. If your Facebook feed is populated by people who you’re never likely to see again or who feel the need to share their every action, thought, emotion and Farmville acquisition, the ...

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5 ways to cut the cost of medicine

Even though many prescription medicines in Australia are covered by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), the cost can add up – especially if you’re taking more than one medicine over a long period. “Every day, people come into our pharmacies with four or five items on the prescription, but they ...

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