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Scientists Discovered: These 2 Ingredients Cure Even Breast Cancer

Scientists Discovered: These 2 Ingredients Cure Even Breast Cancer
Scientists Discovered: These 2 Ingredients Cure Even Breast Cancer

The turmeric and black pepper have many individual medicinal properties and are termed as important ingredients in natural treatment. However, when combined together it works like a miracle. The combination of turmeric and black pepper can heal many chronic diseases one of which is breast cancer. This fact is recently revealed by scientists from Michigan University.

Turmeric is being known for its health benefits from ancient times. Although the benefits of turmeric are not properly received by us as it gets metabolize when to consume orally. Thus, the combination of black pepper with turmeric make it easy the absorption process of turmeric so that our body can take advantage of the health benefits of turmeric. The combination not only treat the diseases it also helps in the prevention.

The recent study has revealed that the piperine present in black pepper, when it get combined with turmeric, is the most effective combination to treat and prevent cancer.

The piperin content of pepper influence the absorption of curcumin content of turmeric and make it around 1000 times more absorbable. The study was published in  Breast Cancer Research and Treatment Journal as stated that this combination is very useful to eradicate the cancer stem cells.

Reduce Inflammation and Pain

You will be amazed to know that the combination piperine and curcumin influence up to 700 genes. It fights the infection and inflammation as it blocks the activity and synthesis of enzymes such as 5-LOX and  COX2 which are an active participant of the inflammation process.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is the main application of turmeric and black pepper  combination. It is very effective to stimulate and speed up the metabolism. It makes the person feel fuller and burns the calories instantly.

Natural Antidepressant

Serotonin and dopamine levels in the body increase in the body due to consumption of turmeric and black pepper which can make you feel happier. It also blocks the enzyme monoamine oxide which is responsible for depression. So the combination act as an active anti-depressant.

This is all about the miraculous combination of black pepper and turmeric. You can add it in your vegetable juices or smoothies, some salads to make sure the proper consumption in daily meals.


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