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Natural Home Remedies To Treat Bedsores Quickly

Natural Home Remedies To Treat Bedsores Quickly
Natural Home Remedies To Treat Bedsores Quickly

What Are Bedsores?

Bed sores are the ulcers on the skin that develop as a result of immobility of a person. Though bedsores are common among elderly or senior persons, it can also affect people who are in bedridden condition, or in coma or are immobile due any other reason. Remaining in a particular position for a long time as in the case of lying in bed or sitting in a wheelchair due to immobility reduces the blood supply to the particular areas of the skin causing severe blisters or sores. Bedsores occur if there is daily pressure on the same part of the skin for a long time.  In the initial stages the bedsores will be red in color and they turn to purple as the days go by.  If the sores are not treated in the early stages itself, the sores break open and may cause infection. The infection can spread to other muscle areas. The most commonly affected areas are hip, buttocks; lower back, shoulder blades etc.  There are many effective home remedies available for this problem.

Home Remedies To Prevent And Treat Bedsores

1. Position Changes
It is easy to prevent bedsores than treat it.  Changing the position every now and then will reduce the stress on the skin.
•  People using wheelchairs should change their position at least every one hour with the assistance from others.
• Use different types of cushions like air filled, water filled or gel cushions to relieve the pressure.
• In the case of bedridden patients repositioning is necessary in every two hours.

2. Wash Up And Keep Them Clean
If you want the bedsores to heal faster keep them clean. This will also prevent any infection.
• Wash the sores with mild soap and water
• Cleaning the area with salt water will help in faster healing.
• Do the cleaning at least twice a day.

3. Zinc
Zinc helps to improve the working of the immune system and helps in wound healing.
• Take 15 milligrams of zinc three times daily to heal the sores.
• Take zinc along with meals to prevent any stomach upset.

4. Vitamin C
This vitamin is necessary for the health of skin and blood vessels. They also have anti-inflammatory property.
• Take 500 milligrams of vitamin C three times daily.
• You can include Vitamin C rich foods in your diet.

5. Goldenseal
Golden seal has natural antiseptic properties and this helps in preventing any infections and speedy healing of the sores.
•  Mix 1 teaspoon golden seal powder and the oil contained in 10r two capsules of vitamin E.
• If  the mixture is too dry add a few drops of olive oil
• Apply this mixture to the affected area at least three times a day

6. Sugar And Honey
Honey has natural antiseptic properties and also soothes the skin. Sugar promotes the healing of the skin.
• Apply a mixture of sugar and honey to the wounds.
• Cover the area with a clean bandage.

7. Turmeric And Honey
Turmeric has antibacterial properties and honey also protects the skin.
• Wash the wounds and apply the mixture of turmeric and honey

8. Petroleum Jelly
Petroleum jelly keeps the skin moist and promotes the healing of bedsores.
• Take a sterile bandage and apply some petroleum jelly on it.
• Put this bandage on the wound so that the tissues around the wound regenerate fast.

9. Milk Of Magnesia
This home remedy is also used in hospitals to treat bedsores or the pressure ulcers. This remedy will give faster recovery.
• Mix milk of magnesia and iodine
• Set aside this mixture for half an hour
• Apply this mixture on the sores several times a day.

10.  Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera prevents the spreading of sores and it moisturizes the skin, this ensures quick recovery.
• Clean the bedsores using water.
• Apply the pulp or gel of Aloe Vera once or twice a day.

11.  Lysol
This is an effective natural remedy to prevent or to treat bed sores.
• Use a spray bottle to spray Lysol on the bedsore affected area.
• Repeat the remedy twice or thrice a day to get rid of the germs infecting the wounds and to speed up healing process.

12.  Comfrey Leaves And Slippery Elm
This is a traditional home remedy to cure bed sores.
• Make a paste of equal amounts comfrey leaves and slippery elm.
• Place the mix on the wound and secure it with a bandage.
• Leave it overnight to cure bed sores

13.  Skin Massages
Massaging the body will improve the blood circulation and prevents and helps in healing of sores.
• Give daily mild massage to the body
• Do not massage sores or apply pressure on them.

14.  Healthy Diet
A healthy diet can promote healing of the skin as it improves the immunity of the body.
•  Take rich and healthy foods containing vitamins like A, B, C, D and E
• Try to avoid meat and include more fiber rich foods.

15.  Talcum Powder
Applying talcum powder or baby powder to the areas of the body which are in contact with the bed or on the bed sores helps to keep away the moisture. Moisture can increase the bedsores and also promote infection. Powders can keep the area dry and promote healing.
• Wash the body using any disinfectant.
• Dry the body thoroughly.
• Apply baby powder or talcum powder to the affected areas.
• Repeat the procedure twice daily to get faster relief from bed sores.

Are you a person taking care of a bedridden patient or a patient confined to a wheel chair? Do want to help the patients suffering from bedsores? Are you looking for suitable home remedies to get rid of bed sores or looking for methods to prevent bed sores? You can try the various home remedies given above and find out the most suitable remedy for your patient. If you think that the bedsores are not reducing within one week get the help of a medical practitioner to treat the problem.


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