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How to Stop Farting?

How to Stop Farting?
How to Stop Farting?

Farting or Flatulence is a big problem for everyone, the one who farts and the ones who stay close to him or her at the time of farting. Every one of us has faced this situation in our lives when we had farted and created an embarrassing situation for everyone around. Excessive farting can be a big problem for anyone of us, affecting our working lives, social time and even personal relationships.  There is no doubt that people don’t like being around with any person that farts too much. Farting can be very very unpleasant, especially when the fart has a sound and a very bad odour.

Let us find some easy ways to control or stop farting. But before that, we should also know what exactly is flatulence, what causes farts, why farts smell bad, and farting problems.

Flatulence or Fart :  What exactly it is?

When we eat food, our food goes into the stomach through the food pipe and mouth. The stomach breaks down the food. It then moves to the small intestine, which further breaks down the food. Complete digestion takes place in the small intestine. Whatever is left, the unbroken or undigested food particles move into the large intestine and then moves out of the body as liquid or solid waste through our anus. Here, in this entire digestive process, flatulence or fart is the gas that is formed when the solid waste is separated in the large intestine. Certain food particles that break down create gas as a byproduct, which after a certain point of time expels out from the body as farts.

What Causes Farts?

Some of the causes of farts are as follows:

  • Build of gas after eating : There are certain foods which might negatively act with your intestinal bacteria. The result is a buildup of gas, which can only escape through anus. Most of these food items are spices, cabbage, potatoes, bread, beans, meat and dairy products.
  • Intolerant to lactose : This is for those people who are intolerant to lactose. The lactose ferments in your stomach and cause the gas to build up.
  • Bacteria in colon : When there is too much bacteria in your colon, the bacteria breaks down the food and this leads to intestinal gas to build up.
  • Swallowing air :  This is possible when you chew gums, or drink carbonated fluids a lot.
  • Smoking :  Smoking is another cause of farting. You take in more air into your body when you smoke. The excess inhaled air gets trapped in your esophagus or stomach. When too much gas builds up in your intestines, it comes out through farting.
  • Medicines intake :  When you consume certain medicines on a regular basis, this can also cause fart because of bacterial overgrowth.
  • Poor digestive system : Doctors have indicated that people who suffer from poor digestive system or  people who do not eat healthy diet tend to suffer from the problem of farts.

Why Farts Smell Bad?

All farts do not smell bad. Usually flatulence is made of odorless gases like nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane. Many times when you  fart, there won’t be any smell as your body expels odorless gases.

However, in certain cases, your farts can be very very smelly. Why? Flatulence takes place when there is formation of gases,  like carbon dioxide and nitrogen in the stomach, which lead to a swelling and bloating in the abdominal area and these are then eliminated from the body. But when your fart gets mixed up with other gases in the stomach like as hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans and with certain pungent substances like sulfur, indole and skatole, the farts expelled from the body emit a very bad smell. Usually smelly farts are expelled when we consume foods that contain a lot of sulfur like eggs, meat, cheese and vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage.

Farting problem :  Do we need to worry?

Farting problem is a common problem, faced by many and there is nothing to worry about it much. It is a normal human condition that can be prevented or controlled. But in case of excessive smelly farting with additional symptoms, then it is necessary to consult a doctor. Some troublesome symptoms of farting, which require proper medication are as follows:

  • Flatulence that occurs very frequently, often involuntarily
  • A lot of wind is released when flatulence occurs
  • Consistently of foul-smell
  • Cramps in and within the abdomen
  • Bloated and knotted sensation in the abdomen

How to Control Your Farts ?

Now that we have got to know what causes farts, let us also find out how we can control our farts. Remember one thing, we cannot stop farting but we can prevent it.

  • Avoid Consuming Too Many Sugars:  You should reduce the intake of sugar or avoid taking it as sugar breaks down in your gut more quickly, which means more gas is release when the food is digested. This also includes fructose, lactose, and sorbitol.
  • Reduce Carbonation: Consuming carbonated drinks, soda, beer and others  will cause your intestines to be filled with more air than they should be. If you can reduce carbonated beverages, you will find your farting problem greatly reduced.
  • Reduce intake of starches:  Of all types of grains, Rice is one of the better starches which is recommended to be eaten  if you have gas problems. Rice grain is very easy to digest.  Other grains like wheat, potato, noodles  are  very hard on your intestines. So it is better to avoid taking starch when you have farting problem as starches cause the release of intestinal gas.
  • Quit Chewing Gum and Smoking: When you chew gum, you swallow a lot of air, which cause farts. Similarly, when you smoke, you consume more air. So if you have farting problem, then give up smoking and chewing gum if you want to get rid of the problem.
  • Improve your digestion: Maintain a healthy balance diet, with the right amounts of proteins, vitamins, calcium, minerals other nutrients. This will definitely lead to proper digestion of food and help you to reduce the farting problem.

Home Remedies to Stop Farting

•    Cook your vegetables thoroughly. The digestive system finds it difficult to break down raw, uncooked food.
•    Begin your day with fruits and some milk to maintain the alkalinity in the stomach.
•    Eating meals at proper mealtimes, maintaining a regular interval, is helpful.
•    Herbal tea consumption is also good. You can prepare a tea with equal parts of peppermint, chamomile and balm. Add  a teaspoon of this herbal mixture to half a cup of boiling water.  This preparation should be consumed in mouthful doses.
•    Increase your intake of water. The more your drink, the less you fart. Drinking water flushes out the odor-causing toxins from the body.
•    Drink warm water with lime juice before every meal. This can reduce gas problems.
•    Your bowl movements should be regular. Controlling or delaying a bowel movement is bad.
•    Keep calm and stress free. Tension can cause you to swallow air
•    Exercise regularly

How to stop farting in your sleep?

You can try these easy solutions if you have the problem of farting while sleeping.
•    Wear something tight while sleeping: If you wear tight clothes, it will make less noise when you fart.
•    Keep a pillow between your legs. The passing air cannot come out freely.
•    Don’t drink carbonated drinks before bed.
•    Lay on your side or back. Avoid lying on your stomach. Because if you do so, you press your stomach more and your butt is up in the air.

Some Foods that Cause Farting

As a matter of fact, we cannot advise you to stop taking these but yes, you can reduce their consumption if you really want to get rid of your farting problem.
•    Vegetables :  Artichokes, asparagus, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumbers, broccoli, brussels sprouts, onions, peas, radishes, green peppers
•    Fruits : Apricots, peaches, pears, bananas, melons, prunes, and raw apples
•    Eggs
•    Milk and other dairy products
•    Fried foods


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