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Easy Sock Trick to Fall Asleep Faster, Get Rid of Night Sweats and Cough

Easy Sock Trick to Fall Asleep Faster, Get Rid of Night Sweats and Cough
Easy Sock Trick to Fall Asleep Faster, Get Rid of Night Sweats and Cough

Sleep is important because it helps us recharge our batteries and feel more vigorous throughout the day. Moreover, not getting enough sleep can be extremely dangerous and lead to severe health problems. Anyway, many people all over the world have problems with sleeping.

There are many factors that cause insomnia, like stress, depression, anxiety, problems at work, etc. when you go to bed, you think about things you need to do the following day and your brain can’t relax. The brain is active all the time and you can’t sleep. Also, there are some medications that can cause insomnia, such as heart medications, blood pressure medications, pain medications, antihistamines, etc. they will make you feel dizzy at the beginning, but also can cause some stomach problems and disturb your sleep even more.

Believe it or not, if you want to sleep peacefully, you need to try to sleep with your socks on. The reasons why? Wearing socks before going to bed will keep your feet warm. Also, it will aid to expand the blood vessels within your feet and help you fall asleep faster. This means that if your feet are warm, you will sleep much better.

What are the health benefits of sleeping with socks on?

No More Night Sweat and Hot Flash

A study shows that socks can help you control your body temperature and resolve minor hot flashes without taking a hormone replacement therapy.

Aid with Raynaud’s Disease

This disease is a rare condition that affects blood cells and causes an overreaction to cold temperature. In severe cases, this disease can lead to sores or necrosis-tissue death. Sleeping with socks can prevent a Raynaud’s attack because it helps with regulation of body temperature.

Improve Dry Skin

Cracked and dry feet usually occur in the cold winter months when the temperature drops. This may lead to soreness. To prevent this, apply a good and effective moisturizer to your feet before going to sleep and put on clean socks.

Bring Fever Down

If you soak your socks in apple cider vinegar and put them on before going to bed, it can reduce your fever. Apple cider vinegar improves blood flow and reduces fever. This method will also make your immune system stronger and ease the breaking down of waste products. Remember not to do this in combination with sleeping pills or liquid medication.

Prevent Cough

According to a popular Russian remedy, apply dried mustard powder in your socks and put on another pair of socks on top if you want to sooth chronic coughs. This method is highly helpful and effective.

Warm Your Feet

Consuming red pepper will help you boost the circulation in your toes and fingers. Also, you will get the same effect if you put cayenne topically. It will boost the blood flow and provide warmth to the feet, this may happen immediately, but for others the heat gradually increases. Also, this depends on how much pepper you apply.

What type of socks do you need for sleeping?

Always change your socks before going to bed. You need new and clean socks because the socks you wore throughout the day are smelly and dirty. Also, bacteria can accumulate and cause fungal infection or some other similar condition that can affect your feet. Additionally, don’t forget to wash your feet and dry them properly, particularly between the toes.

Another thing you should bear in mind is choosing the right type of socks. Socks that are too thick, or made from unnatural materials that don’t allow enough airflow around the feet can make feet too warm and lead to increased sweating. This also means increased production of bacteria.

Choose a pair made from natural fibers, and not too thick.

Here are some other remedies for better sleep:

  • Place a fan next to your bed
  • Limit light exposure
  • Take a hot bath
  • Avoid stimulants
  • Limit foods and drinks in the evening


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