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7 things to Enhance your Water to Cleanse better and Improvise Digestion

7 things to Enhance your Water to Cleanse better and Improvise Digestion
7 things to Enhance your Water to Cleanse better and Improvise Digestion

Water as we all know is a great source of health and the regularisation of the intake of water is prominent of all. When you decide that you are going to stay in a robust health condition, you will have to first make an option to get into yourself heaps of water quantities.

Water aids in the conduction of many activities in our daily life ranging from hydration, detoxification to digestion, fat burning and many more. Taking in water in fluid or in plain form is very significant to compensate the water loss of the body through perspiration, especially during the hot season. It gets important to carry a water bottle whenever and wherever we go outside. And the selection of a glass water bottle in the place of a plastic one would be a much better-opted choice since plastic can make certain impurities creep into the water.

Apart from just consuming the water directly, how well do you think it would be if you add to it numerous nutritive sources? That would startlingly intensify the nutritive value of you water apart from usually quenching your thirst.

We have brought here for you, 7 wonderful add-ins which can greatly aggrandize the wholesomeness of your water. Remember that you just cannot add up all the specified ingredients at a time. You can take your favorite combos, ranging from one to three but not exceeding it.

Fresh Lime Juice:

Lemon is abundantly rich with Vitamin C and is a great antioxidant. It is also greatly useful in regulating the pH levels of the body and also detoxifies the body. It can as well augment the process of digestion since its structure is quite similar to that of our digestive enzymes. Squeeze into your water, about half a lemon’s juice.

Ginger Root:

This is a historically used agent that helps in various realms of health like curing indigestion problems, nausea, gas troubles and cramps. It is anti-inflammatory in nature and is as well capable of killing cancer cells. So just put in about a thumb-sized ginger into your water.


This is also widely used to get clear from the troubles of indigestion because of its anti-fungal and antiviral properties. It is a traditional herb that aids in circulation, in fat metabolism during digestion, in glucose level regulation and in other such processes. Toss in a little cinnamon stick to elevate the value of your drinking water.


Cloves are packed up with anti-parasitic properties and are known to be great stimulators of digestion. They are also known for curing many digestive diseases. So drop 2-3 cloves into your water bottle and let them sit in to flavor up the entire bottle of water.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple Cider Vinegar comes with benefits like the improvisation of the digestion process, maintenance of a robust weight of the body, removal of unwanted bacteria, and regulation of pH levels of the body. So, go with adding about half a tsp of ACV to you water to meet your health needs.

Mint Leaves:

Mint leaves are usually known for their aroma spreading quality. Apart from this, these mint leaves are also sure to elevate the nutrition levels of your water since they can increase the bile production of your liver, trigger the salivary glands and other enzymes of digestion. So just pop a few mint leaves into your casual bottle of water.

Cucumber Slices:

Cucumbers are aided with the properties of hydrating the body and also thoroughly detoxifying it. They tend to make your water more fresh and aromatic. You can also eat these slices when you drink water since they float atop.

Therefore, when you are doing this regularly, remember that you are seamlessly augmenting the value of the water and are sequentially getting rid of the toxins from off your body and also are revamping your digestion process.


Source: LetsGoHealthy


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