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2 reasons why you need to make time for yoga

2 reasons why you need to make time for yoga
2 reasons why you need to make time for yoga

Yoga is a form of exercise which is often suggested for people who are suffering with stress with the idea that it will probably give calming effect to the body without having any huge effect with exercise on stressing the body. Apart from this Yoga is also known to provide sufficient challenge for newbies of exercise to fulfill and even for professionals.

Yoga is not only about mastering one particular asana and showing it off as a perfectionist instead it also is found to help in increasing body strength, irrespective of the years which went by it is definite that there will be need of yoga which is not just simple stretching exercises. Each form of yoga has its own exclusive challenges and benefits however there is no idea about how strong one can get with regular practice of yoga.

Find perfect style of yoga for body:

There is one particular type of yoga style which is said to fit for anybody which can be found only with the help of an instructor, for all those looking out to add yoga as an additional skillset can actually try to find the style which would suit their personality. Yoga also is known to help in focusing more on the everyday aspects and strengthening much more than physical which may go on to being mentally strong.
Here are few yoga styles which are known to help in keeping the body and mind strong:

Hatha Yoga:

This is one form of yoga which is known to support the link between mind and body also being one of the traditional forms which will lay exclusive focus on keeping a check on the breathing pace and calm down the mind with the help of meditation. This method of yoga works great for people who want to keep a check on their movements by making it beneficial for mental health.

Ashtanga Yoga:

This is one such dynamic style of yoga that has many differences when compared to the traditional Ashtanga yoga that is commonly based on flowing movements. Each and every movement in this form of yoga is said to directly linked with breathing for which one movement needs inhaling of breath while the other movement needs exhaling of breath. This flow of movement makes it best choice for people who are always travelling and want their daily routine to be steady, after the most basic movements have been mastered the next focus has to be laid on breathing which makes this yoga to have calming effect and relieve you of stress. Also this makes it a tough challenge to the individuals strengthening the muscles keeping the mind focused.

Bikram Yoga:

This type of yoga poses a great challenge for both mind, body and also physically and it is also identified to be quite close to traditional ashtanga yoga but is accompanied with an additional surprise element of difficulty level with room being held at a temperature of 100 to 150 degrees. This heat is said to help the body in sweating a lot that in turn de-toxifies the body help in stretching the body, bikram Yoga is known to help in toning the arms getting lean abs and sexy legs due to the way in which movements include entire body. Bikram Yoga is also known to pose challenge for those who want to practice by telling them to prove their willpower and increase their mental strength.


Let yoga make you strong: Mental strength is necessary which plays key role in an individual’s strengthening physically. Yoga therefore is not only to relax the brain instead it also is known to provide strength to the body both physically and mentally.


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