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15 Herbal Home Remedies for Goitre

15 Herbal Home Remedies for Goitre
15 Herbal Home Remedies for Goitre

If there is a swelling at the base of your neck and you feel difficulty in breathing and also discomfort in throat while swallowing something, you may be suffering from goitre. Goitre is the result of enlarged thyroid gland, often due to excessive secretion of thyroxine hormone known as hyperthyroidism. If your body lacks sufficient iodine, you may suffer from goiter. Many a times, initial stage of goitre goes unnoticed due to very small size of your swollen thyroid gland and absence of any other symptoms. You may, however, feel constriction in the throat, a little discomfort while breathing and swallowing along with cough and hoarse voice but these can be overlooked as symptoms of sorethroat. Therefore, you should not ignore any swelling, howsoever small it may be and get yourself checked by your doctor to know whether you actually have goiter. If the tests are positive, you should immediately start treatment for goiter., either with conventional medicine or alternative one. Home and herbal remedies are very effective in treating goiter. Here are some such herbal home remedies for goiter to help you out.

Herbal Home Remedies for Goiter

1. Watercress for Goiter Cure

Watercress for Goiter Cure

Watercress, also called scurvy grass, has high iodine content, second only to sea vegetables. Such a high level of iodine is not found in any other vegetable which grows on land. Not only iodine, it is also high in other minerals and nutrients such as sulfur, germanium and antioxidant vitamins including vitamin B 17 which is considered to be an anti-cancer vitamin. As you can see, watercress is a powerhouse of nutrients that are beneficial for your thyroid gland, it can excellently cure goiter. So, include watercress in your daily diet. Along with this, you can apply the following home remedy using watercress.

Get this:

  • Watercress- enough to make 2 tbsp of paste.

Do this:

  • Crush watercress to make its paste.
  • Apply the paste on your neck.
  • Leave for 15-20 minutes.
  • Wash off with water and pat dry.

2. Flaxseed Paste for Goiter

Flaxseed too have been considered as powerhouse of nutrients including antioxidants. The anti-inflammatory properties of flaxseed can help you get rid of the swelling of thyroid gland. Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicine system uses flaxseed paste to reduce the inflammation at the base of neck by curing goiter.

Flaxseed Paste for Goiter

Get this:

  • Ground flaxseed- 2 tbsp
  • Water- enough to make paste

Do this:

  • If you have whole flaxseed, crush them to get about 2 tbsp of flaxseed powder.
  • Mix water to this to get a paste.
  • Apply this flaxseed paste on your throat.
  • Leave for about 20-25 minutes.
  • Now wash off the paste and pat dry with a clean cloth.

You may also boil the flaxseed in water and use this water to wash your neck and throat to get relief from the swelling.

3. Dandelion Leaves Remedy for Goiter

Dandelion is a very useful herb and is used for home remedies for various diseases, usually in form of tea. For goiter. remedy, dandelion leaves are used in paste form along with clarified butter (ghee) to reduce the swelling in neck region due to enlarged thyroid gland. Usage of ghee or clarified butter must have made it clear that this is also one of the Ayurvedic remedies for goiter.

Dandelion Leaves Remedy for Goiter

Get this:

  • Dandelion leaves- handful of them
  • Ghee (clarified butter)- 2 tbsp

Do this:

  • Crush the dandelion leaves to make a paste. If needed, you can use a little water.
  • Now mix this dandelion leaves paste with clarified butter.
  • Heat this mixture of ghee and dandelion paste to make it lukewarm, don’t let it become hot.
  • Apply the lukewarm dandelion leaves- ghee paste over your neck region where you can feel the swollen area.
  • Leave for about 15-20 minutes
  • Do this daily for at least 2 weeks.

4. Sorrel Leaves for Treating Goiter

Sorrel leaves, also called spinach dock, can not only be used for making soups, salads and sauces but also to treat goiter. The way of using these leaves is similar to that of the other two remedies we have discussed above- in paste form.

Get this:

  • Sorrel leaves- a handful of them
  • Olive oil- 2 tbsp

Do this:

  • Crush the sorrel leaves to make a paste.
  • Add olive oil to this paste and mix well.
  • Apply this paste on your neck.
  • Leave for about 15-20 minutes.
  • Wash off with water and pat dry.

Whenever you apply some paste on your neck, you should lie down and then apply the paste to keep it in place. If you do not keep your self in this position, you may not get the benefit as the paste will fall off.

5. Kanchanara Herbal Remedy for Goiter

Kanchanara or Kachnar ( Bauhinia variegata) is used traditionally in India to treat various medical disorders including thyroid problems. It is exceptionally beneficial for treatment of swollen glands, particularly those in head and neck region. It is used as a folk remedy for such diseases as sinusitis, sorethroat, diarrhea, abdominal discomfort and skin ulcers, not to forget glandular enlargements such as goiter. It is beneficial for both types of thyroid problems, hyper and hypo thyroid, because it has a balancing effect on the production of thyroxine. This means if your thyroid gland is producing lesser thyroxine, it stimulates it to produce more and if the gland is producing excessive hormone, it checks this extra production. When using as a home remedy for goiter., you need to make a decoction from its bark powder.

Get this:

  • Kanchanara bark powder- 10 g (about 2 – ½ tsp)
  • Water- 160 ml (about ¾ cup)
  • ginger powder- 2 g (about ½ tsp)
  • Vessel- with a wide mouth

Do this:

  • Put the kachnar bark powder in the wide mouthed vessel.
  • Add water to it.
  • Boil the mixture on medium heat till it is reduced to about 40 ml in quantity (¼ of original quantity)
  • While boiling the decoction, stir it continuously.
  • Strain the decoction.
  • Take half of this decoction (15-20 ml) and add ½ tsp of ginger powder to it. Have it in the morning before breakfast.
  • In the evening, have the remaining half decoction in the same way after adding ginger powder to it. Have before a meal.
  • Remember not to re-heat the decoction. While you can make the decoction of kachnar bark powder in the morning and have it in the evening, you cannot re-heat the decoction.

6. Garlic for Goiter

Gale Maleskey who is a nutritional therapist, is of the view that garlic decreases swelling of your neck caused by enlarged thyroid gland. He recommends eating garlic at least thrice a week. Many other researches have also supported garlic as beneficial in treating thyroid problems. There are many plant chemicals that act as antioxidants and in maintaining body cell functions. Many studies have shown that garlic extracts, especially the aged garlic extract, increase production of glutathione. Glutathione is a molecule which is important in maintaining a healthy status of thyroid hormone. So, include garlic in your diet. Here are some ways that you can imply for eating garlic for overall health.

Ways to eat garlic

  1. Chew 3-4 raw garlic cloves in the morning.
  2. Add raw garlic with tomatoes, onion, olive oil to make your own salsa.
  3. Add minced raw garlic with lemon juice, and parsley to make salad dressing.
  4. Sprinkle raw minced garlic on buttered toast.
  5. Add garlic to mashed avocados to make a delicious dip
  6. Add minced garlic to your sauces.
  7. Use garlic in mashed potatoes.
  8. Make tea with garlic, honey and lemon

7. Eat Selenium Rich Foods for Goiter Cure

While iodine deficiency can cause goiter., deficiency of selenium can cause ‘weighty’ thyroid which is heavy too. When you provide selenium to your body, it synthesizes it. During the process of synthesis, selenium is converted into one of many types of selenoproteins. There are eleven selenoproteins that get involved with thyroid and production of thyroid hormone. Many researches have found that selenium protects against goiter. So have selenium rich foods to keep it at a satisfactory level in your body.

List of selenium rich foods

  • Shellfish- oysters, mussels, shrimp, clams, scallops
  • Crab
  • Kidney
  • Liver
  • Brazil nuts
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Fish- tuna, halibut, sardines, flounder, salmon
  • Meat- Beef, lamb, pork
  • Poultry- Chicken, turkey
  • Eggs
  • Mushrooms
  • Grains- wheat germ, barley, brown rice, oats
  • Onions

8. Have Iodine Rich Diet for Goiter Cure

Deficiency of iodine is one of the major causes of goiter. You need to take a nutrient rich diet with adequate iodine. Now what is adequate amount of iodine? It is not too much, just 150 micrograms for adults; 50 micrograms for kids within the age of 1 to 6; and 90 micrograms for children between 7 to 12 years of age. Pregnant women, however, need a little more iodine, 200 micrograms to be precise. So, include iodine rich foods in your daily diet to cure as well as prevent goiter. and hypothyroidism.

List of iodine rich foods

  • Iodized salt
  • Seafood
  • Cabbage
  • Kale
  • Cod
  • Baked potato with peel
  • Milk
  • Shrimp
  • Turkey
  • Navy beans
  • Tuna
  • Eggs
  • Plain yogurt
  • Cranberries
  • Kelp (a seaweed)

9. Eat Goitrogenic Foods in Moderation

Goitrogenic foods can affect your thyroid in an unfriendly way. They have in them what is called ‘Goitrogens,’ the substances that interfere with the metabolism of iodine. But you cannot even totally avoid having these foods because many of them contain iodine in them. So, the key to the problem is to have these foods, the goitrogenic foods, in moderation and with care. Cooking destroys the enzymes in these foods which are responsible for production of goitrogens. However, it is not like that you cannot eat them raw. Of course, you can have them raw too but in limited quantities. You just have to pay attention that you take iodine from other sources too. Here is a list of such Goitrogenic foods that you must have in moderation and some tips on how to have them.

List of Goitrogenic foods

  • Turnips
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Peanuts
  • Soy beans
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Kale
  • Millet
  • Mustard greens
  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Radish
  • Strawberries
  • Sweet Potatoes

Tips to have Goitrogenic Foods

  • Don’t stop eating these foods, just eat them in limited quantities. Don’t overeat them.
  • As far as possible, cook goitrogenic foods before having them.
  • If eating raw, eat them in lesser quantities and also have other sources of iodine.
  • Supplement your daily diet with such foods that have more iodine content and are not goitrogenic in nature.

10. Have Green Tea to Cure Goiter

Green tea is yet another remedy that can prevent and cure your goiter. Due to its stimulating and energy boosting properties, green tea enhances the functioning of thyroid gland. It is also high in natural fluoride and thus supports thyroid. Its antioxidants fight free radicals that are known to promote the growth of goitres and even tumors. Have three cups of green tea everyday.

Get this:

  • Green tea leaves- 1 tsp (may also use green tea bags)
  • Hot water- 1 cup
  • Honey (optional)- 1-2 tsp

Do this:

  • Put the tea leaves in a pot
  • Pour the hot water over it.
  • Let it steep for 2-5 minutes.
  • Strain
  • Add honey if using and mix well.
  • Have this green tea three times a day.

11. Add Kelp Seaweed in Your Diet to Cure Goiter

There is lots of natural iodine in this brown algae called Kelp. It is actually a seaweed. It helps in regularizing the thyroid gland. Japanese diet contains a lots of kelp. So, you may learn to make certain Japanese dishes like dashi soups and sushi. However, there are more ways to include kelp seaweed into your diet.

Ways to use kelp in your diet

  1. Kelp is known as kombu in Japanese. Get dried or pickled kombu from an Asian market and use it for making Japanese dishes or innovate your own dishes using kombu.
  2. Kelp is naturally salty in taste. Fill dried kelp powder in a sprinkler and use it in place of salt for seasoning your foods. If you already use iodized salt, use kelp powder along with it. Sometimes you can use your salt and some other times, you can sprinkle kelp powder.
  3. Add 1-2 tablespoons of dried kelp powder to smoothies made with milk, fruits or ice!
  4. Add raw kelp noodles to your raw soups, salads. You can even make a raw noodle dish these kelp noodles.
  5. Take some kelp buds, soak them and then add these soaked kelp buds to salads and wraps.
  6. Blend soaked kelp buds with some good oil, like olive oil or vinegar to make salad dressing.

12. Make Bugleweed Tea for Relief from Goiter

Bugleweed (Lycopus virginicus) herb is native to North America. It is traditionally used not only to treat overactive thyroid gland but also to treat weak heart, breast pain and edema. Rich in phenolic acids, flavonoids and tannins, bugleweed can inhibit thyrotropin which is a thyroid-stimulating hormone. Excessive thyrotropin causes goiter. However, if you are on diuretics or other thyroid medicines, you must consult your doctor before having this herb. Bugleweed belongs to mint family and thus have a minty flavor. Make tea with this herb to treat your goiter.

Get this:

  • Dried bugleweed herb – 1 tsp (you may also use bugleweed teabags, usually available at health stores.)
  • Hot water (boiling)- 1 cup
  • Honey (optional)- 1 -2 tsp

Do this:

  • Put bugle weed herb in a cup.
  • Pour hot water over it.
  • Let it steep for about 10 minutes (if using tea bag, steep for only 3-4 minutes).
  • Add honey if using.
  • Have this tea three times a day.

You can even mix lemon balm herb to bugleweed tea or make lemon balm tea separately as this herb is also useful in treating goiter.

13. Make Lemon Balm Tea to Treat Goiter

Lemon balm, yet another member of the mint family, is basically used to promote healthy immune system in people having autoimmune disease. It can reduce hormone levels and also the symptoms of hyperthyroidism. Usually, lemon balm is used along with bugleweed but it can also be taken alone as a tonic or tea. This herb slows down the pituitary function thus lowering TSH levels. This results in reduced level of thyroid hormone. It may seems contradictory but lemon balm is also used to increase thyroid hormone levels in patients suffering from hypothyroidism. Thus, it may be said that lemon balm has more balancing effect on thyroid function which helps in restoring optimum levels of the hormone in patients with autoimmune thyroid disease. It is also high in selenium and thus helps in regulating thyroid function as well as increasing antioxidant levels. However, if you suffer from glaucoma, you better avoid lemon balm. Otherwise, make lemon balm tea for curing goiter.

Get this:

  • Dried lemon balm- 2 tbsp (or 2 tsp fresh lemon balm)
  • Hot water- 1 cup
  • Honey (optional)- 1-2 tsp

Do this:

  • Put lemon balm in a cup.
  • Pour hot water over it.
  • Steep for 5-10 minutes.
  • Add honey if using.
  • Have this tea three times a day.
  • You can even add bugleweed with lemon balm to make a mixed herb tea.

14. Motherwort Tea for Goiter

If you suffer from rapid heartbeat due to your overactive thyroid, you should consider having Motherwort tea to reduce this symptom. This herb is made up of alkaloids, flavonoids, iridoids, tannins, terpenoids and triterpenes (ursolic acid) among others. Many studies have found that ursolic acid has tumor-inhibiting, antiviral, cardioactive, and cytotoxic properties.

Get this:

  • Dried Motherwort herb- 1 tsp
  • Hot water – 1 cup
  • Honey- 2-3 tsp

Do this:

  • Put the herb in the cup
  • Pour hot water over it.
  • Steep for 10 minutes
  • Add honey as it is bitter in taste. You may even blend in other herbs.
  • Drink this tea
  • Have this tea twice a day.

15. Coconut Oil for Goiter Treatment

Contrary to its bad image as promoting bad cholesterol in your body, coconut oil can actually help you treat goiter! Coconut oil contains the rarely found fat content called lauric acid in high percentages. When you consume coconut oil, your body converts this acid into monolaurin having anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-protozoa properties. This oil has medium chain fatty acids that are small enough to enter mitochondria (cells’ energy burning powerhouses) directly and are converted into energy. Coconut oil also excellently suppresses inflammation and repairs tissue. The medium-chain fatty acids and monoglycerides present in coconut oil are the same that are found in human mother’s milk having extraordinary anti-inflammatory as well as antimicrobial properties. If you follow the right exercises and have balanced diet combined with coconut oil, you may well get rid of all your thyroid medicines! Thus, try to have ¼ cup of coconut oil in a day, not necessarily at a one go. Here are some ways to have coconut oil.

Ways to include coconut oil in diet to cure goiter:

  1. Use coconut oil in place of regular vegetable oil for cooking.
  2. Add coconut oil to smoothies.
  3. Add coconut oil to tea like stinging nettle tea.
  4. You may also add coconut oil to your coffee. For this, blend coconut oil and organic unsalted butter into coffee with a dash of vanilla. You may also add honey or stevia drops for natural sweetness.

Diet plan for goiter patients is of utmost importance. Include fruits like pineapple, oranges, papayas etc. and vegetables, iodine and selenium rich foods in your diet. Avoid processed foods. Take goiterogenic foods in moderation. Exercise regularly and include neck exercises specific to goiter. These measures along with the home remedies for goiter. will sure cure your hyperthyroidism.


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