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Simple Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Oily Skin

Simple Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Oily Skin
Simple Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Oily Skin

There are different kinds of skin textures that people have. Some people are blessed to have normal skin which has a balanced oil and dry combination while other skin types are oily, dry and combination skin. Every type of skin has its characteristic feature. While dry skin ends up looking dull and cracked and needs moisturizing when it is cold and dry, the oily skin needs to be looked after as it is prone to develop acne and become ugly. Among all the skin types, those who have oily skin suffer the most during their puberty and even in later years, this kind of skin is sure to trap dirt due to the oil content and leads to the formation of whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and so forth.

Causes Of Oily Skin

Oily skin is usually the genetic makeup of a person for which the sebum cells which secrete oily under the outer skin layer secrete excess oil to moisturize the skin above. The causes for oily skin are several:

  1. Genetics is the main reason for one having oily skin. If parents have oily skin, the children are likely to develop oily skin as well. Oily skin is characterized by larger sebaceous glands that lie below the skin cells and secrete excess oil.
  2. Often the overuse of skin care products, such as harsh cleansing product, exfoliation and scrubbing may lead to excess oil being secreted by the sebaceous glands and leading to oily skin
  3. Seasonal variation also has a lot to do with skin types. If there is high level of heat and humidity, there will be a rise in the oil production in the skin in order to protect the skin from the heat and the sun. Again, when the air is dry in winter, the skin gets dehydrated and the oil secreted is required to compensate for the dryness felt.
  4. Oily skin could also be caused by birth control or other hormonal control pills. Any medication could causes dehydration and that would lead to an excess oil secretion in order to compensate for the dryness felt
  5. Stress also has a role to play. The androgen hormones lead to more oil production when the body is stressed and that could lead to excess oil on the skin.

Symptoms Of Oily Skin

It is known that oily skin is easy to spot. Those who have oily skin, usually have shiny skin that shines with sweat and oil when exposed to the heat. There are certain characteristics of oily skin which makes it easy o spot:
•    The oily skin will have a shine on it especially when the sun or the heat leads to sweating
•    The pores are larger on such skin
•    The blemishes or the blackheads that form on this skin make it easy to spot
•    The skin often has a coarse texture specially with age
•    Oily skin is usually full of blemishes specially if one has acne when they were young
•    Acne scars are predominant on such skin

Simple Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Oily Skin

1.    Cleansing Routine

The one way to keep oily skin under control is to have a proper cleaning ritual set up. This has to be followed with regularity.
•    A mild soap should be used to wash the face at least two to three times in a day
•    If one has been out, the face and the neck should be washed after coming in from outdoors
•    If the rest of the body has oily skin too, proper cleaning should be done with mild soap during bath

2.    Use Of Astringent And Toner

It is necessary not only to wash one’s face but to follow the three step process:
•    One needs to use an astringent to remove the dirt on the surface
•    After that a mild soap or face wash should be used and the face washed with tepid water
•    The toner should be used to close the pores after the face is dried

3.    Use Of Water Based Moisturizer

•    Those who have oily skin usually stay away from moisturizer as their skin is oily
•    After washing the face and body, one could apply a water based moisturizer to retain the moisture content in the body

4.    Use Of Sunscreen

The sun is known to play havoc on the skin. It dries up the skin and makes the sebaceous glands secrete excess oil.
•    It is important to use water based sunscreen to protect oneself from the sun
•    The sunscreen should be chosen such that it does not clog up the pores and lead to formation of pimples

5.    Diet Changes

It has been seen that a lot depends on the diet that one follows. If one has oily skin, one has to take care of the following points:
•    Fried food and fatty food leads to excess oil secretion on the skin
•    Intake of high calorie or sweet food items also increases the chances of excess oil and pimple formation

6.    Intake Of Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

•    It is necessary to consume a balanced diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables
•    Food that is lightly cooked and nutritious will go a long way to maintain healthy looking skin

7.    Fluid Intake

The skin develops pimples due to the clogged pores which are covered with dirt and grime. If the blood circulation is increased then the detoxification process shows its results on one’s face.
•    It is beneficial to drink lots of water to flush out toxin
•    Fluid such as fresh fruit juices and others help to keep the skin hydrated an cool

8.    Caffeinated Beverages To Be Avoided

•    Intake of caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee needs to be moderated
•    These drinks heat up the system and cause excess oil to be secreted

9.    Carbonated Drinks To Be Avoided

•    Drinks like fizzy drinks and others high on sugar content should be avoided
•    Sweet and carbonated drinks are often linked to pimple formation on oily skin

10.    White Flour Based Food Products Should Be Avoided

White flour based food products usually consist of easy carbs that load up and increase the blood sugar levels in the body. It is better to opt for the whole grain versions like:
•    Multi gain or whole grain bread, pasta or brown rice consisting of complex carbs and fibers
•    These food items provide the necessary fiber to the system which also helps to detoxify the system

11.    Fried And Fat Food Items Need To Be Consumed In Moderation

It has been seen that, those in their puberty and having oily skin usually suffer from acne problems the most. While for them fried and junk food is hard to stay away from, they could make healthier choices like:
•    Opting for a wholegrain burger with lean meat
•    Opting for gilled dishes than fried ones

12.    Treatment Of Acne

While there are many over-the-counter medications which one can opt for, it is best to use masks or cleaning solutions that are prepared with beneficial natural ingredients.
•    Use of cucumber, lemon and other citric based fruits as masks is known to show effects
•    These masks will help to control the oil as well as they reduce the blemishes on the face

13.    Use Of Lime Or Lemon

•    It is beneficial to drink lemon juice with warm water and honey to cleanse the system
•    One could even use the lime juice as a mask along with ingredients like gram flour and cold milk
•    Lemon juice drinks is a great alternative to drinking fizzy drinks to help quench the thirst and balance out the excess oil content

14.    Egg Whites

While many might think that it is messy, however, a face mask of egg white is a great way to firm up the skin and to reduce the excess oil content from one’s face:
•    One would need to break an egg in such a way that the white is separated from the yolk
•    The yolk can be mixed with lime juice and pasted all over the face and neck as a mask
•    After the skin tightens up in ten or fifteen minutes, it can be washed off to reveal youthful and former skin.

15.    Use Of Clay Masks

•    There are many clay masks that are found in stores to help remove the excess oil from the skin
•    Not only is the excess oil removed, the clay mask tighten up and closes the pores

16.    Use Of Orange Peel

There are many readymade face masks that are available in stores but one can even make an orange peel face mask at home:
•    The orange peel need to be collected and dried
•    The dried orange peel can be made into a powder
•    This can be made into a paste for a great homemade mask

17.    Ensuring Physical Activities

There is nothing like sweating it out to get the oil and the dirt out.
•    When one does exercises the blood circulation helps to improve blood circulation to the face
•    The excess sweat drives out the dirt from the pores and makes them open up
•    A proper cleaning routine followed afterwards leads to fresh and less oily skin

18.    Rest Is Required

•    Increase of stress leads to build up of excess oil and clogged pores
•    Rest and sleep habits should be proper to keep stress and pimples at bay

Have you been on the lookout for oil free skin? How about remedies that are easily followed at home? Try the above tips for your benefit.


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