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How To Get Rid Of Painful Ear Ache

How To Get Rid Of Painful Ear Ache
How To Get Rid Of Painful Ear Ache

Ear ache can be a painful condition for children as well as for adults. It is found to be a common reason for which the children are brought in to the doctors to be diagnosed. It is common more in children than in adults as they are more exposed to germs and cold and they have a developing immunity system. The ear ache or pain is constant or it could be increase or wane. It could be a sharp or a dull pain, burning sensation or throbbing pain. No matter what are the causes and the consecutive symptoms, there are many simple home remedies that can provide relief.

Causes Of Ear Pain

The pain of ear ache can be different in people and children. The causes of ear ache could also differ. While some conditions affect the ears directly, there are other conditions that can lead to ear pain as well as a side effect.
•    Fluid that builds up inside the ears is a common cause for ear pain and infection. It usually builds up deep inside the ear drum. It is known as glue ear and affects the children more.
•    There could be infection inside the ear canals
•    A boil could occur or a hair follicle could be infected inside the ear canal
•    Eczema could occur inside the ear canal
•    If sharp objects are poked inside or cotton buds poked in hard, it could injure the ear canal
•    Blockages could result from plugs of ear wax
•    From colds or throat infections
•    Jaw pain or joint pain
•    Wisdom tooth problems
Thus, the causes of ear pain could be several. The pain that is caused as a result could vary which produces different symptoms.

Symptoms Of Ear Pain

When children or babies face ear pain, the following symptoms become apparent:
•    Babies may seem to be irritable and hot
•    They might be rubbing, pulling or tugging at the ear
•    They might develop a high fever
•    Children might show a loss in appetite
•    Babies will feed poorly
•    Hearing is not normal
•    There might be balance problems
•    Other symptoms include stiff neck, tiredness and poor responses.
For adults, the symptoms are similar and they will experience a pain that is either sharp or dull and throbbing.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Painful Ear Ache

It is necessary to seek home remedies that can help to ease the pain. Even if you are consulting a doctor, till the time the right medication is prescribed, there are many effective home remedies that can help to reduce the ear pain. What is more, if there is infection or inflammation, there are simple home ingredients that can be used to control such symptoms.

1.    Warm Compress

It has been seen that a warm compress will help to reduce the pain in the ear.
•    The heat helps to bring relief
•    If there is a swelling it will go down
•    If the ear pain is due to cold, it will help to reduce the pain

2.    Resort To Pain Medications At Home

If you do not have access to a doctor immediately and the pain is really intense you could:
•    Resort to ibuprofen
•    Take aspirin or acetaminophen
However, such pain medication should not be given to children below eighteen. For them, it is best to refer to a pediatrician before any kind of medication is given.

3.    Olive Oil

It is known that warm olive oil can work wonders for ear pain:
•    Warm a few drops of olive oil
•    Put in a clean bottle with a narrow tip
•    Administer a few drops inside the infected ear
•    Plug the ear to allow the oil to work and not come out

4.    Clear The Nose

If you have a stuffy nose as well as ear pain, it could be due to the cold. It would help to clear the nose because:
•    If the air passageway are cleared then the pressure on the ear canal will reduce
•    That will help to ease the pain

5.    Use Of Onion

One can use onion as a paste to relive inflammations. If the ear pain is due to a swelling apply:
•    A paste of onion powder and water
•    Apply the paste on the outer region of the ear to get relief

6.    Garlic And Mullein Flower

If you do not have olive oil you can use the following combination:
•    Garlic oil and mullein flower oil mixture
•    This combination is known to fight microbes that cause disease and can help to reduce inflammation

7.    Lavender Oil

If one has outer ear irritation they can apply:
•    Lavender oil on the outer ear and rub it in gently
•    It works in a soothing manner and can be applied through the day

8.    Wiggling The Ears

One can wiggle the ears in the following manner to obtain relief as well as in their children:
•    Yawning or wiggling will make the Eustachian tubes pop
•    That will relieve the pressure and allow the trapped fluids to drain out

9.    Try Steam And Eucalyptus Oil

In order to clear out the fluid that may have accumulated in the nasal passageways and the ear one can opt to:
•    Prepare steaming water along with drops of eucalyptus
•    Inhale the steam to allow the oil to work on opening up the passageways

10.    Increase Vitamin Intake

If the ear pain is due to cold, it is important to supplement one’s diet with:
•    Vitamin A
•    Vitamin C
•    Vitamin E
Even though the effect will be indirect but these will bolster the immune system.

11.    Jaw Exercises

One can perform the simple steps to keep the ear canals open:
•    Move the jaws up and down rapidly
•    Doing this every other day will help to keep the ear canals open

12.    Avoid Putting Anything In The Ear

It is important that one should not put anything into the ear like:
•    Sharp objects
•    Inserting cotton swabs
•    Allowing dirt to enter the ears

Are you suffering from ear pain? If you are suffering from such pain and do not know how to seek relief, you may do so with the above mentioned simple remedies.


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