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How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Fast

How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Fast
How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Fast

Dark circles are dark blemishes seen around the eyes. They are known as periorbital dark circles in medical terms. This is a common problem seen in men and women. Dark circles are also occasionally found in children. When people get aged their skin becomes thinner. The elasticity of the skin is lost due to the loss of collagens. This makes the area appear darker as the blood vessels beneath the eyes become more visible. Many people consider that dark circle appears when a person is tired; this is not true there are many causes for the development of dark circles under the eye.

  • In some people stress and fatigue worsen the dark circles.
  • In some people fluid imbalance causes puffy or swollen eyes which make the area under the eyes appear darker.
  • Sometimes trauma causing black eye can darken the entire area around the eyes.

Dark circles under the eye are not a serious condition and in most cases some home remedies help to reduce or get rid of the dark circles.

The Causes Of Dark Circles

Some of the important causes for the symptom of dark circles are discussed below


Heredity is one of the most common causes for dark circles under the eye. Some people notice that this problem runs in their families.  The skin around the eye is the thinnest skin present in our body. The blood vessels are more visible as the skin is very thin. When blood passes through the large veins near the surface of the skin it gives a bluish tint to the skin. The transparency of the skin is an inherited trait and if the skin is more transparent darker circles will appear.


Allergies cause the eyes to itch and this will result in dark circles under the eye.  People suffering from Hay fever especially are prone to under eye circles during the allergy season. In some people allergy to some foods can also cause dark circles.


Lack of some nutrients in the diet is another cause of dark circles. Lack of a balanced diet will lead to lack of iron in the body which cause the dark circles. When a person is having anemia the body tissues will not get enough blood.


Some medications cause the blood vessels to dilate. This in turn will cause the skin under the eyes to darken. Some medicines also cause allergy which can lead to dark circles or puffiness around the eyes.


It is necessary for a person to have at least 8 hours of sleep. Lack of proper sleep can cause fatigueless and this will cause the areas under the eye to appear darker

Liver Problems

Sometimes the dark circle is a symptom of an underlying cause such as liver diseases.


Dark circles most commonly occur in aged people. This is due to the loss of collagen from the skin.

Hyper Pigmentation

In some people production of melanin will be more around the eye area, giving it a darker shade than the other areas in the body.  This is known as periorbital hyper pigmentation.

Lifestyle Factors

Some lifestyle factors such as smoking, continuous use of alcohol, etc. can cause dark circles under the eye.

Exposure To Sun

Exposure to sun promotes the production of more melanin in the skin leading to darker areas around the eye.

Prevention Of Dark Circles

If you want to keep your eyes youthful and want to avoid the dark circles under the eye follow these tips

  • Avoid Smoking- smoking can cause faster loss of collagen from the skin
  • Apply Sunscreen- remember to apply sunscreen while you are going out. The UV rays in the sunlight cause damages to the collagen and increases melanin production
  • Get Plenty Of Sleep- proper sleep can reduce stress and fatigueless and this will help to avoid dark circles.
  • Healthy Diet- vitamin A is necessary for keeping your eyes bright and healthy. Include food items that are rich in vitamin A, iron, etc. to avoid dark circles.


When To See A Doctor?

If the dark circle appears only under one eye, and if it is getting worse over time, talk to your doctor. Depending on the cause of dark circles the doctor may suggest the ways to get rid of the dark circles.  The doctor may suggest prescription medications or any other treatment to reduce discoloration. In some extreme cases treatments like laser therapy and chemical peel are used. However the dark circles are not a major problem and there are many home remedies which will help you to get rid of dark circles easily and effectively.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

Dark circles are quite worrying and annoying and there are even people who do not feel like venturing out of their homes due to the dark circles under their eyes. There are a lot of natural home remedies that you can try on the dark circles which can help you to get rid of dark circles fast. In fact, most of the home remedies discussed below are natural remedies that will not cause any side effects to your face.

Cucumber Juice

Cucumber is one of the well known natural remedy to provide soothing and cooling effect to your eyes. It is also a very good skin toner. All you need to do is to grind together two to three pieces of cucumber and extract cucumber juice from it. You can use two clean cotton balls to dip in the cucumber juice and to place the cotton balls on the top of your eyes. Leave it there for a few minutes. Repeat this process for a few times everyday and you will see visible results.

Turmeric Paste

Turmeric is known for its anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties and can be very effective in treating dark circles. You can take turmeric powder and mix it well with pineapple juice to make a thick paste. Apply this paste evenly on the dark circles under your eyes and allow it to react with your skin for 10 to 15 minutes. Now you can wipe it off with a damp cotton cloth. This will help in not just reducing dark circles but will also help in making the skin under your eyes softer and smother.

Cold Water

If there is an easy remedy for how to get rid of dark circles fast, then it is the cold water. All you need to do is to regularly wash your eyes with cold water especially when you return after staying in the hot sun for quite some time. Cold water will help to constrict the blood vessels and will help to reduce eye puffiness and dark circles. Also, dip a clean wash cloth in cold water or even in cold milk and cover your eyelids with this wash cloth. Keep there for a few minutes and then take it off. Repeat this process for a few times every day to get rid of dark circles. You can also wrap ice cubes on a soft thin cotton cloth or napkin and place it under the eyes where dark circles are seen.

Drinking Lots Of Water

Water is one of the most important and effective remedy for all your skin problems. Hydrating your skin with fresh water will prevent dark circles from developing under your eyes. You need to drink at least a minimum of 12 to 14 glasses of plain drinking water every day to keep your eyes fresh and to reduce dark circles.

Good Night’s Sleep

It is very important for you to get a good night’s rest after a hectic day of work. Eyes also need rest and you need to sleep for a minimum of seven hours every day to reduce eye puffiness and also reduce the effects of dark circles.

Yoga And Meditation

Yoga and meditation will work wonders for reducing dark circles as it will always keep your mind and body fresh and full of energy. If you are able to relax and get absolute peace of mind, then your skin will also start to glow and you will see great results on the dark circles under your eyes. Practicing yoga and meditation every day is one of the answers on how to get rid of dark circles easily.

Ripe Apples

The tannin acid that is present in the apples will help in lightening your skin tone and hence is a very good and effective remedy to treat dark circles. You can cut ripe apples into small thin slices and then place it directly on top of your eyes for about half an hour. This will help in reducing dark circles if used regularly.

Green Apple

You can also apply boiled green apple paste under your eyes and in the affected area and leave it there for half an hour. Then, you can rinse it off with lukewarm water. The potassium, Vitamins B and C present in the apple will also help in toning the skin and give nourishment to the skin under your eyes.

Lemon Juice

The extracts of lemon are well known for its bleaching properties and it is a rich source of vitamin C. You can extract the juices of the lemon and apply this juice under your eyes with the help of cotton balls and leave it there for half an hour. Later, you can wipe it off using damp cloth. Repeat this process two to three times a day for a few days to see a reduction in the color of the skin under your eyes.

Natural Under Eye Home Pack

You can prepare your own under eye pack by mixing a teaspoon of gram flour, a tablespoon of lemon juice, two or three tablespoons of fresh tomato puree and a teaspoon of turmeric powder and make it as a smooth paste. Apply this paste gently around the eyes and this mixture has to be applied only after you have washed your face and eyes with mild soap and water. Leave this mixture to dry off on your skin and then rinse it off. You can use this home made under eye pack for three to four times a week to enjoy smooth under eye skin as well as reduction in the color of the dark eyes.

Mint Leaves Juice

Mint leaves are known for its cooling properties. You need to extract thick mint juice from the mint leaves and either apply it directly on the affected area or can mix this juice with turmeric and gram flour powder and apply it on the affected area. Leave it there for 10 to 15 minutes and wipe it off with a damp cloth. This will help in reducing dark circles.

Almond Oil

You can apply almond oil regularly under the eyes so that you enjoy lighter color under the eyes. You can apply this oil around your eyes everyday when you go to sleep. Leave it overnight on the skin and then wash it off the next day morning. This will help in reducing the effects of dark circles under your eyes.

Rose Water

One of the most effective products that you can use on your skin is rose water. It has incredible skin careproperties and is very effective in reducing dark circles under the eyes. Apply generous amount of rose water that is soaked in cotton balls on your closed eyelids and leave it there for fifteen minutes. It has cooling properties and will help in rejuvenating the skin under your eyes. You will see visible results in a few days of regular application of rose water.

Raw Potato

Potatoes in its raw state have bleaching agents that will help in lightening the dark circles and also reduce eye puffiness. You can peel round potato slices and place it inside the refrigerator for a few minutes. Then, you can place these potato slices over your eyelids and allow it to rest on the affected area for a few minutes. You can also extract the juice of the raw potatoes and apply this mixture under your eyes with the help of cotton balls.


You can also place a dollop of cold ice cream on the affected area and leave it on for a brief period. You can then wash it off and this will help in reducing the effect of dark circles due to its cooling properties.
So, are you worried about dark circles under your eyes? Do you want to somehow get rid of these dark circles that is spoiling your overall look? Just, follow the above tips and you will be able to easily get rid of the bothering dark circles under your eyes.


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