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Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Blood Blisters

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Blood Blisters
Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Blood Blisters

What Are Blood Blisters?

Blood blisters are blisters or bumps which are filled with blood rather than fluids. These blisters look like reddish bubbles on the skin. They are developed by the rupture of blood vessels underneath the surface of the skin. When the blood vessels and tissues of the dermis get injured and the body fluids like blood and lymph trapped beneath the skin. The blood blisters contain all the constituents of the blood including hemoglobin. This gives dark red color to the blood blister. Blood blisters are body’s natural response to pressure or injury. Since the surface of the skin is not broken the blood cannot escape and nit stays confined to the blister. The injuries causing the blood blisters are not serious and do not require any medical attention. It is different from the normal blisters in having blood filled inside the blister instead of the clear fluid. There are certain things that you should know about the blood blisters to treat them at home. Home treatment of blood blisters is very easy.

The Causes Of Blood Blisters

Some of the causes for the development of blood blisters are

  • Sudden force on the body that is intense, like pinching
  • Scalding or burning is another major cause for these blisters
  • Even sunburns can cause blood blisters
  • Reaction of the skin to chemical allergens and other irritants
  • Fungal infections of the skin
  • Viral infections of the skin
  • Continuous and excessive friction on a particular part like the friction on the skin caused by shoveling, raking etc.

The Common Regions Of The Body Prone To Blood Blisters

The most common region to develop the blood blister is foot and hands. The important cause for the development of blood blisters on the feet is uncomfortable shoes. Rubbing of the skin to various surfaces during different actions can cause blisters on the hands.

  • It is better to avoid shoes that are not properly fitting to you.
  • You have to use gloves to protect your hands from blisters when doing jobs like shoveling or raking.

Is It Necessary To See A Doctor?

You will not need to go to a doctor if you develop a blood blister. They are not more serious than a minor bruise. To avoid getting blisters

  • Elevate the part of the body that got pinched
  • This will prevent swelling in the area

When doing work, you can keep the area bandaged so that the blisters do not get burst.

What To Do If The Blood Blister Gets Burst By Accident?

You may be able to see some blood seeping from the blister. Clean up the area as you clean any bruise. The puncturing of the blister increases the chances of infection. The skin remaining on the blister should not be removed. Allow the body to heal naturally or you can use some home remedies to get rid of the blood blisters. If the blisters break, treat it with antiseptic to prevent any infection.

Taking Care Of Blood Blisters

  • Try to keep the skin around the blood blister intact
  • Natural healing does not produce any scarring
  • Place cold compress if the pinched area of the skin hurts, this will reduce the pain
  • Popping of the blisters slows down the natural healing process
  • Cover the blood blisters using soft dressing to prevent popping of the blister
  • Wash the blood blisters frequently to avoid the irritants coming into contact with the blistered area

Problems With Blood Blisters

There are many home remedies for blood blisters which will help you to get rid of the problem. The blood blister can cause certain problem to the person affected by it.

  • Though these injuries are not serious they are painful in some people and can reduce or working ability when our feet or hands are affected by it
  • If you apply some home remedies the blisters will vanish within a few days and you will even forget that that you had blood blisters
  • It is better to avoid any situation which will cause blood blisters as the blisters are painful and you have to suffer the pain
  • Sometimes blood blisters are also caused by cold injuries or frost bites, spider bites or when the hand or finger get caught in a drawer

Why Home Remedies Is A Good Option?

Many people opt for home remedies to get rid of Blood blisters.

  • Since the problem is not serious but causes pain, some kind of pain relieving treatment is necessary.
  • Some of the topical medications available as OTC’s may not properly work for blood blisters.
  • Moreover there are risks of infections when the skin of the blister gets removed.
  • The home remedies help to reduce the pain and speed up the healing process of the blisters.
  • The home remedies are easily available and are cheaper
  • Since the home remedies are based mainly on natural ingredients they are safe to try.

Top Home Remedies For Blood Blisters

Covering Blisters On Feet And Toes

It is highly important for you to keep the skin over the blister intact and do not allow it to tear off from your hands or feet. If you are suffering from mild blood blisters, then you can very well think of using an adhesive bandage over the affected area. If it is a painful blood blister, then you can very well use a cotton gauze pad to cover the blister so that you give breathing space for the blister to breathe and to heal quickly.

Apply Ice To Affected Area

The first and the foremost thing that you need to do to treat blood blisters is to apply an ice pack on the affected area for about ten minutes. You need to give some rest for the affected area and again carry on applying the ice wrap around the blister. This will help in reducing the swelling of the blister as well as to prevent internal bleeding. It would be better for you to apply ice wrap not directly on the blister and to use a towel as a medium between the blood blister and the ice pack.

Sandalwood Paste

Sandalwood paste is a very good natural ingredient that is an answer to your question on how to get rid of blood blisters very quickly. All you need to do is to use good quality sandalwood powder and mix it with rose water to make a thick smooth paste. Now, apply this paste to the affected area and allow the mixture to dry on the blister. Once, it gets dried, you can rinse the affected area with cold water. You need to repeat this process three to four times a day to reduce the pain and the inflammation.

Turmeric Powder

Turmeric powder is a well known natural ingredient that has natural healing powers and is quite effective for a wide variety of skin problems including treating blood blisters. You need to make a fine paste of fresh turmeric powder and rosewater and apply it to the affected area. You need to rinse it off after the mixture completely dries off on the blisters, Repeat the process three to four times to reduce the effect of blisters and to ease the inflammation on your skin.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt has pain relieving and anti inflammatory properties that can work wonders on your blood blisters. You will need to mix enough quantity of Epsom salt with clean warm water to make it into a smooth fine paste. You need to clean the blood blisters on your feet or hands with this mixture at least three to four times a day. The warm Epsom salt mixed water will help in reducing inflammation as well as pain and will make the blister pop out naturally.

Never Manually Pop Out Blisters

One of the most important tips to remember is to allow the blood blister to heal on its own and by taking proper care of the affected area. It is very important for you to not try to pop out the blood blister as this may lead to infections and sometimes even serious infections.

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera is a natural healer and can be used to bring down inflammation as it has good anti inflammatory properties. This is the reason why it can be used to treat blood blisters. You need to apply fresh aloe vera extracts and juices on the affected skin area for a few days every day to negate the inflammation of the blister and to ease pain. You can also use the aloe vera juice available in the market and mix it with vitamin e oil and apply it to the blisters. You need to allow it to dry on the blister and then wash it off.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is one of the most effective natural oils that you can use to treat blood blisters quickly. The antiseptic, anti inflammatory and antifungal properties of tree tea oil is very good at naturally drying out the blister. All that you need to understand is that as it is a natural process, it would take time to heal. But, you will surely see effective results and your blisters to pop out naturally.

Cucumber Juice

Cucumber is a well known ingredient that is used to treat a lot of skin problems and the best property is that it provides a cooling and soothing effect to your skin. It will also help in strengthening the connective tissue and will help in holding the skin together. It will help in easily reducing pain, inflammation and swelling. You can either use chilled cucumber pieces on the blister areas or keep it there for some time. Repeat this process for several times a day and for a few days to reduce the blister inflammation. You can also take in a glass of fresh cucumber juiced every day to reduce the pain and inflammation.

Garlic Oil

You need to take natural garlic oil and heat it until it gets warm. Then you need to cool it down to room temperature and massage the oil on the affected area gently. You need to leave the oil for about half an hour on the blood blisters so that it penetrates into the blisters. Then, you need to rinse the area properly and repeat the process for several times in a day.


If you find the blood blisters to break, then you can use a good antiseptic mouthwash on the blister to disinfect the wound. This will help in preventing bacteria or fungus to attack the cut and prevent the spread of infection.

Witch Hazel

The astringent tannins found in the witch hazel are very effective in treating blood blisters. You need to spread a small amount of witch hazel extract to reduce the pain and the inflammation from developing. It will also help in healing blood blisters quickly and effectively. You need to use it four times a week for about a week to get rid of blood blisters.

Avoid Salty And Spicy Food

If you are suffering from blood blisters, then you avoid spicy and salty foods as they have chances of aggravating your blisters and increase the healing time. Citrus foods like lemon, lime, grape juice, lime, lemon, oranges and other foods like raw vegetables, lentils, salted chips, crackers and so on to prevent blisters from causing a lot of discomfort.

Avoid Smoking

It is essential to keep your body as cool as possible so that the blood blisters will heal very soon. Alcohol and smoking will increase heat in the body and this will delay the blood blisters to heal quickly. Hence, it is better to avoid smoking.


Ginger juice extracts are known to have anti- inflammatory properties and you can apply the ginger juice to the affected areas on your feet or hands generously about five to six times a day to reduce the inflammation and to even reduce pain.

Are you looking for tips on how to get rid of blood blisters effectively? Do you want to know easy and working home remedies to treat blood blisters on your feet or hands? Then, all you need to do is to go through the above mentioned home remedies and see which one works on your blisters.


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