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Effective Home Remedies Yeast Infection

Effective Home Remedies Yeast Infection
Effective Home Remedies Yeast Infection

Yeast infection

Yeast is the kind of fungus, yeast infection (Candidiasis) is usually caused by collection of microscopic fungi known as Candida albicans. Generally Yeast tend to grow, most particularly in moist, warn body area, such as mouth or throat, genital area, beneath the skin folds, mouths and intestines, under arms, area between toes, in sweaty skin folds, baby’s bottom, bloodstream etc. In most cases, females are affected by yeast mostly around the vagina, nail beds or under the breast.  But in some cases even men get affected by yeast.

Causes and symptoms of Yeast Infection:

When yeast starts growing in your body, it results in excessive itching. Yeast develops in the body due to various reasons, which may result in yeast infection. They are chronic health condition, during pregnancy, stress, excessive usage of oral contraceptives, diabetes, taking birth control pills, use of antibiotics and steroids.  If you’re a woman then you may even suffer yeast infection menopause, as the estrogen levels decrease resulting in the thinning of vaginal walls.


  • Excessive itching and burning in the vaginal area
  • Pain and redness around the vaginal area
  • White odorless vaginal discharge will be seen, that may appear like cottage cheese
  • Soreness or discomfort during sexual intercourse
  • Appearance of white spots on the tongue and inside the mouth
  • Redness or soreness in the mouth area
  • Painful throat and swallowing may become difficult
  • Corners of the mouth will crack
  • Red inflammation, burning or itching sensation on tip of penis
  • While urination you may suffer burning sensation
  • You may observe red patches of skin, mostly near skin folds or in the diaper area

Natural Home remedies Yeast Infection:


Both antifungal and antibacterial properties present in cranberries, which helps you to fight against the fungi responsible for yeast infection. These berries can be used in the treatment of urinary tract infection or any bladder infection.

In order to treat yeast infection, you are suggested to consume unsweetened cranberry juice. Drinking it number of times every day will help you fasten the process of healing and you’ll be able to notice efficient results within a short span. You can try taking cranberry tablets at least twice or thrice a day, if unsweetened cranberry juice is not available.


Garlic is another herb that helps you in curing several health ailments as well as yeast infection. Garlic contains natural antibiotic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which can be used in the treatment of various kinds of yeast infection. Grind a few garlic cloves and apply the paste on the infected skin area directly. If in case, fresh garlic is not available, you can try diluting garlic oil together with a few drops of coconut oil and Vitamin E oil and apply this dilute garlic oil onto the affected skin area. Otherwise, take some garlic tablets as a daily supplement to treat yeast infection. It is recommended to chew a few cloves of fresh garlic every day. This helps you not only in the curing yeast infection but also stops bad breath.


Yogurt is a common ingredient that helps you cure yeast infection. A bacteria called ‘Lactobacillus acidophilus’ is present in the yogurt which can control and handle the infectious growth in your body. You can use either plain yogurt or unsweetened yogurt in its treatment. Apply plain yogurt externally on the affected area and leave it for one hour. Doing this will relieve you of the itch. In case of vaginal yeast infection, dip a tampon in yogurt and put it in the vagina and leave it for about two hours, repeat this two times a day. Include yogurt in your daily diet plan.


Vinegar can also be used in treating any kind of yeast infection. Both apple cider vinegar and white vinegar can be used for the treatment as they contain some distinctive components that can easily control yeast infection and get rid of the fungi responsible for the infection. Prepare a hot bath by adding some vinegar. Now soak your body in this bath water for about an hour. Soon the skin irritation and itching will get reduced. Alternative you can dilute white vinegar or apple cider vinegar with plain water and then apply it externally on the affected skin area. Leave for half an hour and then rinse it off with water.

Tea Tree oil

Tea tree oil is one of the most powerful and efficient home remedy for yeast infection, it contains many antifungal properties which are helpful in the treatment. Consume tea tree oil (organic) mixed with one 1 tsp of olive oil or water or almond oil (sweet). Now rub this tea tree oil mixture over the infected skin area several times daily. If you are suffering from yeast infection in the vaginal area, then take a tampon and put a few drops of organic tea tree oil and insert it into your vagina for 2 – 3 hours. Repeating this procedure for about 2 times a day will help you get relief from the infection symptoms. Note that pregnant women are not supposed to follow this treatment as the properties of tea tree oil may harm the child.

Oregano Oil

Another efficient and powerful remedy for yeast infection is oregano oil. It contains both anti fungal and anti yeast components which helps you to boost your immunity system. Oregano oil can be used in two ways for treating yeast infection. Firstly, apply the oil to the infected skin area and the second way is to take it directly / orally. Do not apply oregano oil directly on the skin as it may irritate your skin, so dilute oregano oil with olive oil before applying it on the infected area. Otherwise you can take 1 – 2 capsules of oregano oil two times daily. You can completely get rid of yeast infection by following this treatment for a few weeks.

Olive Leaf

Another effective home remedy for the treatment of yeast infection is olive leaf extract. It has various properties including anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory. Simultaneously it can extract and restore the content of good bacteria in your body. In order to make olive leaf extract, you’ll need some fresh olive leaves, finely chop them and place them into a jar preferably made of glass with a lid. After this pour some vodka over the leaves, until they get completely immersed. No close the lid tightly and store it for about 4 weeks in a dark place. Now strain the liquid and apply this olive leaf solution over the infected skin area directly. Repeat this process 3 times a day to better results.

Boric Acid

Boric acid, a chemical substance has many anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti viral properties, which effectively cures yeast infection. Dilute some boric acid by adding some water and apply this solution on the infected skin and allow it to stay for a couple of minutes. Then rinse it off with normal water thoroughly. Repeat this process for 2 weeks daily. Otherwise you can treat vaginal yeast infection by taking boric acid capsules. Do not use boric acid internally or for long time period as it is toxic. If you’re pregnant then do not use it.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is used as a treatment for yeast infection in people of any gender (i.e., male or female). The antifungal properties present in coconut oil help in killing the microscopic fungi that is responsible for yeast infection. Apply coconut oil externally on the infected areas three times a day for curing yeast infection completely. On the other hand, the mixture of coconut oil and cinnamon oil can be applied on the affected skin area to control and prevent the growth of yeast infection.


Calendula is an herb, which contains both anti-inflammatory and effective anti-fungal properties. This can be used in the control and cure of yeast infection in an effective way. To cure yeast infection, apply 2 – 3 crushed calendula leaves gently on the infected skin area for about twice of thrice daily. Another effective remedy is to drink tea made from calendula extract. Avoid this method if you’re pregnant. You can even opt for calendula ointment or lotion for efficient results.

Gentian violet

Gentian violet can be found at a local pharmacy. Take large cotton ball and sock it in gentian violet. Now coat the walls of vagina and insert it in the vagina and leave it for some time. Repeat this method daily until the yeast infection symptoms are completely gone.

Ayurvedic Home remedies:

Some of the above remedies that don’t include any chemicals come under ayurvedic treatments for yeast infection. Some remedies like yogurt, garlic, aloe vera are some of the well known ayurvedic home remedies. These ayurvedic remedies are completely natural and non-invasive and does not have any side effects.
Following the above remedies without fail will help you get rid of yeast infection in a couple of weeks .



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