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Best & Worst Foods To Eat For Sleep

Best & Worst Foods To Eat For Sleep
Best & Worst Foods To Eat For Sleep

Are you one of those people who have difficulty in falling asleep at night? Many people suffer from such a problem even if they are stressed out and fatigued. It has been noted that, high levels of anxiety and stress can leave you deprived of sleep. Sleep is the one way to get over such obstacles in life which stand in the way of mental peace and happiness. There are certain food items which are known to help one fall asleep. Again, it could also be due to certain food items that you are consuming which makes you stay awake at night.
Here are some food items and how they impact our sleep propensity.


If you were frowning upon all your friends who seem to be resorting to cherry based cakes and desserts to help them sleep, you might find that they have found a true savior in this regard. Cherry has the following benefits to offer:

  •   It is one of the natural foods which is known to contain melatonin. This is a chemical that controls the internal clock of the body.
  •   It has been found that consuming tart cherry juice results in improvement in the sleep duration as well as sleep quality in adults.
  •   Those who suffer from chronic insomnia can obtain benefit from drinking cherry juice or consuming food items containing cherries

Thus, it might not be a bad idea to get a cherry layered cake or a slice of it to stock up in your refrigerator the next time. However, make healthy choices so that you do not end up gaining calories in order to help you sleep better.

Bacon And Cheese Burger

If you are hopeful that this prohibited junk food is going to be listed as one of the best foods to induce sleep, unfortunately that is not the case. The fat content of this food item will keep one awake for sure. When one consumes unhealthy fats like that contained in the greasy fried bacon and cheese, the following effects occur:

  •   The fatty food loosens the lower esophageal sphincter which is a barrier between esophagus and the stomach
  •   That makes the acid in the stomach spill out into the esophagus
  •   This increases the chances of heartburn

Thus, if you wish to lie awake with discomfort and heartburn, you could opt for greasy and oily junk food combinations from your favorite fast food joints.


You might have fond memories of your mother or your grandmother giving you a glass of warm milk before you go to sleep. It might not be simply old wives’ tales as milk has been known to have certain benefits that can help one to sleep:

  •   It contains an amino acid called tryptophan
  •   This acts as a precursor to the chemical serotonin which helps it easier to drift off to sleep
  •   Again, drinking a glass of warm milk works as an antacid and might help a troubled a digestion. That will surely help one to have a healthy and uninterrupted sleep.
  •   The comforting memory of childhood associated with drinking milk before going to sleep could induce slumber in many who feel anxious and stressed.


It might be good for your heart and even for diabetic people but it certainly should not be taken before going off to bed. Many people who do late nights and stay up drinking have poor sleep quality. While an initial glass of alcohol could relax you, more than one peg will surely keep you awake and you will wake up tired and hung over the next morning.

The reasons being:

  •   Wine and other forms of alcoholic drinks get metabolized in the system quickly
  •   It increases the need to urinate during the night
  •   One may find themselves wakeful and unable to go to sleep after consuming several glasses of alcohol
  •   Alcohol is known to prompt people to snore if they have such tendencies.

Thus, it is best to refrain from drinking alcohol in large quantities and even at moderate levels before hitting the bed. Even if red wine is proposed to many for its health benefits, it should be taken during lunch or early in the evening.

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Do you stay awake at night and wonder how you will feel rested and energetic tomorrow morning? You might be following the wrong food habits which are interrupting your sleep. Consumption of greasy, fatty food could keep you awake at night. Again, having a soothing environment will calm one’s mind and help one to relax. Loud music, television viewing, bright lights often deter sleep. Again, if you are stressed out or anxious, taking a warm bath before sleep also helps. If you have other suggestions to offer, you are free to share your ideas here.


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