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20 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss in Men

20 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss in Men
20 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss in Men

Irrespective of the gender there is one common problem faced by several people across the world which is none other than hair loss where it is pretty much normal to lose  100 hair strands on daily basis. In real there is nothing to worry about this falling of hair follicles from scalp for which there are numerous reasons listed which include lack of minerals, stress, genetics, medication, pollution and diet.

But when it comes to men there might also be one other reason which is putting on cap or helmet, in regard to this there are 20 answers available to help in treating hair loss that are listed below:

  1. Usage of Mild Shampoo for Daily Hair Wash:

    1 Usage of mild shampoo for daily hair wash

    In order to prevent huge hair loss it is suggested to keep the hair and scalp clean all time for which it is necessary to wash the hair on daily basis. Washing hair daily is also said to lessen any risk of causing infection or dandruff on scalp which will ultimately result in hair loss. Apart from this cleaner hair also gives the look of it having increased volume.

  2. Increase Vitamin Intake:

    2Increase Vitamin Intake

    Vitamins are considered effective not only for entire body but also for the hair especially Vitamin A is said to help in better production of sebum present in the scalp. There is another vitamin E which is said to help in improvement of blood circulation in scalp to see that hair follicles help in more hair production, also for the hair to retain its color it is suggested to increase intake of Vitamin B.

  3. Include Proteins in Diet:

    3Include Proteins in Diet

    Hair growth is initiated by the proteins which can be abundantly found in fish, lean meats, soy and various others which will also keep a check on the hair loss.

  4. Use Essential Oils to Massage:

    4Use Essential Oils to Massage

    All those who are suffering with hair loss from past some time can use essential oils in order to massage the scalp for few minutes. These essential oils like sesame oil or almond oil with lavender will make sure that the hair follicles remain active for longer time.

  5. Do Not Comb On Wet Hair:

    5Do not comb on wet hair

    Hair when wet is its weaker state hence it is suggested to prevent combing through wet hair which will also increase the chance of hair fall. If there is any real need to comb wet hair it is suggested to use wide tooth comb, while too much brushing also is said to be causing huge damage to the hair and increasing hair loss hence this can be lessened by using fingers to remove any tangles in the hair.

  6. Onion, Ginger or Garlic Juice:

    6Onion, Ginger or Garlic Juice

    Use any of these juices to be rubbed on scalp and has to be left in its state for entire night and has to be washed off in the morning. If this process is followed on daily basis for about a week it is found to see some positive results regarding hair loss issue.

  7. Increase Water Quantity:

    7Increase Water Quantity

    Each hair shaft consists of one quarter water hence it is suggested to drink nearly four to eight cups of water every day to keep it hydrated that ensure healthy growth of hair.

  8. Green Tea:

    8Green Tea

    It has been found in survey that hair loss can be treated by rubbing green tea for which it is necessary to use only two bags of green tea in a cup of water and boiled after which it has to be left so to cool down and applied onto the hair. Wait for an hour before washing this off and to get effective results it is necessary to do this regularly for about a week or more based on the need.

  9. Identify Bad Things For Hair:

    In order to keep the hair healthy it is suggested to first understand how care is taken for the hair, instead of simply rubbing the hair with towel it is better to allow them dry naturally.

  10. Steer Clear From Alcohol:

    10Steer Clear From Alcohol

    For all those suffering from hair loss should decrease the intake of alcohol since it is said to have negative effect on hair growth.

  11. No Smoking:

    11No Smoking

    Cigarette smoking is known to allow lesser blood to be flown to scalp also having direct effect on hair growth by decreasing it.

  12. Compulsory Exercise:

    12Compulsory exercise

    It is suggested to make it compulsory that there is some or the other physical activity on daily basis which can include walking or swimming for half an hour every day that is said to maintain hormones at equal balance at the same time it is also said to lessen stress and hair loss.

  13. Fight Stress:

    Superfoods to Fight Stress

    Stress has often been considered to be the main reason for hair loss hence it is suggested to first combat stress which is one of the most common ways of treating hair fall. Some of the alternatives to this stress is choosing yoga, meditation which are known to help in getting back the hormones into perfect balance.

  14. Avoid Constant heating & drying:

    14Avoid Constant heating & drying

    Do not open up hair to too much heating and drying techniques since this process is said to lessen hair proteins which will ultimately weaken the hair giving it fragility.

  15. Do Not Sweat The Head:

    15Do Not Sweat The Head

    Men who have oily scalp are found to have problems with dandruff especially during summer for which the reason is sweating also increasing the chance of hair loss. To prevent dandruff from attacking the hair it is suggested to use shampoos that are based on aloe vera and neem. Men who wear helmet are found to be mostly suffering from hair loss since weat is found to block the pores by finally leading to hair loss. If there is no other alternative apart from using helmet it is suggested to use scarf on hair before putting on helmet to avoid any hair fall problems.

  16. Alter hair style:

    16Alter hair style

    Loosing too much hair might probably be an indication towards change in hair style since some of them like braids, ponytails will only mean pulling at hair follicles which will ultimately result in baldness.

  17. Maintain Health:


    Hair problems are initiated by lack of proper health, when it comes to healthy hair it is necessary to first get rid of any infections, fever and other illness.

  18. Look Out For Medicines:

    18Look Out For Medicines

    There are certain medicines which are known to have side effects on the body which will ultimately result in hair loss hence it is suggested to consult a doctor if hair loss is result of medication.

  19. Avoid Chemicals:

    19Avoid Chemicals
    Hair can be hugely damaged by some tough chemicals or even hair coloring products since it will possibly result in hair loss.
  20. Visit Doctor at Regular Intervals:

    20Visit Doctor at Regular Intervals

    Hair loss can also be result of changes in hormones which are possibly result of various health issues which pop up due to skin related issues. Hence it is suggested to visit doctor on regular basis.


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