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The Condition Of Lung Scarring And Natural Remedies For Cure

The Condition Of Lung Scarring And Natural Remedies For Cure
The Condition Of Lung Scarring And Natural Remedies For Cure

Scarring of lungs is not very common but it does occur in some people. The medical term for it is fibrosis. It is a type of scarring. Pulmonary fibrosis refers to scarring that occurs throughout the lungs. In such a medical condition, there is a heightened immune reaction to organic dusts that is inhaled or occupational chemicals. Often, one may be inhaling dust that is contaminated with different pathogens or animal products which could lead to lung scarring. Our lungs consist of airways which are known as bronchi which in turn break up into smaller airways such as bronchioles and these end up in clusters of air sacs which are called alveoli. The walls of the alveoli might become inflamed and the tissue that lines these delicate scars might become scarred as a result. If they become scarred, instead of their normal function of expanding and contracting, the alveoli lose out on their softness and elasticity. As they become stiffer it becomes difficult for one to breathe. As they become thicker as well, the oxygen which is inhaled and has to enter the bloodstream is slowed down. The causes of lung scarring are discussed below.

Cause Of Lung Scars

It can be caused by different conditions like
• chronic inflammatory processes
• due to infections
• environmental causes such as exposure to certain gases, silica or asbestos
• exposure to radiation therapies
• chronic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis
• due to certain medications

Symptoms Of Lung Scarring

As per the causes of the lung scarring phenomenon which can differ from one person to another, the symptoms that are experienced are as follows:
• One may experience shortness of breath as the first signs of such an ailment. That occurs as the alveoli become harder and thicker and then, they do not expand and relax as easily as they did in their normal state. With time, the shortness of breath becomes even worse.
• The shortness of breath might be attributed with certain activities and aging but later on it becomes more and more disabling.
• Coughing is a sign of such an ailment which is of a dry and persistent nature. It is unlike the cough that is brought on by cold
• Diminished tolerance to exercise is another symptom seen of lung scarring. Those who are physically active or do resistance exercises will find that they are unable to proceed due to the shortness of breath that they experience as well as pain in their chest.

Home Remedies

While treating lung scarring condition is not easy, there are many natural supplements that are available in the market which can aid in bringing about healing in this ailment.

1. Serrepeptase Supplement
This is an enzyme that can be found in many natural health sores. One needs to know the dosage but even if it is taken at high doses this enzyme is not harmful and will work wonders for those suffering from lung scarring. The enzyme works by
• Thinning down the mucous which can then be expelled from the lungs as well as the lymph system
• Inflammation is thus reduced
• With long term usage it will help to heal the condition of fibrosis
• It has a calming effect on the immune system which attacks the lungs and causes the scarring

2. Use Of A Colloidal Silver Supplement
Colloidal silver is known to have healing effects on the lungs
• It will help to remove the pathogen which might be aggravating the condition
• It will not damage any of the anaerobic bacteria that lives in the gut unlike the intake of antibiotics which does

3. Intake Of Nutritional Yeast
One needs to get their hands on live cell nutritional yeast which will help to re establish the healthy cellular process of respiration. There are many beneficial effects on the body such as
• tissue oxygenation is improved
• Metabolic energy is increased
• Liver detoxification is facilitated
• Cellular detoxification is increased
• Immune system is improved upon

4. Use Of Liquorice Capsules
This is an effective supplement that can be given to someone suffering from lung scarring. It helps to calm down the B cells which become overactive and it helps to reduce the attack of the immune system on the lungs
• Natural steroids production is stimulated in a healthy manner due to the intake of liquorice capsules
• The steroids that are stimulated to be produced by the adrenal system are effective in helping to overcome the inflammations
• Liquorice is known to be good for taking out the mucous from the lungs

5. Administering Hemp Oil
• One dessert spoon of hemp oil helps to bring the inflammations under control
• It can be obtained in many natural health stores

6. Use Of Cod Liver Oil
• Cod liver oil is also recommended for those who suffer from such a condition
• It should be given in the measure of one dessert spoon daily
• It will help to make up for the deficit of the vitamin D which is not being obtained in proper amounts by the affected person

7. Exposure To Sunlight
• It is recommended that the affected person gets the sun as much as he or she can tolerate
• They need the exposure which provides vitamin D as well as other beneficial nutrition that is absorbed by the skin in order to heal the autoimmune condition

8. Provide A Diet With Sea Weed
It would be desirable to provide a nutritional diet to the affected person along with sea weed included as one of the ingredients to prepare the food. The diet should be:
• One needs to provide a balanced diet of all the different kinds of vegetables to be found
• More emphasis has to be given on green nutrition
• The sea weed capsules are also found if one does not live in a region where it is naturally occurring
• It will help to promote the detoxification process as well as cellular communication

9. Stress On A Green Diet
It is necessary that one consumes a diet that is more on green food products
• That will ensure the inclusion of necessary vitamins and minerals in the body to combat the illness
• Inclusion of barley, grass juice and such items will surely benefit such an inflicted person

10. Benefit Of Vitamin C
Lung related conditions will benefit by stepping up the dosage of vitamin C in one’s diet
• Vitamin C will help to reduce the mucous formation
• The coughing condition and mucous formation will be reduced by the intake of vitamin C
• It is best to include fresh fruits which are rich in vitamin C instead of simply taking up capsules

11. Organic Silicon Supplements
It is known to be effective in helping the body absorb sufficient amount. A course should be done for six to nine months in order to build up the silica reserves in the body
• It is necessary for the repair of the collagen which is the lining of the lungs
• It also helps in removing foreign particles or toxins
• Helps to restore back the elasticity of the collagen
• Even facilitates the detoxification of the lymphs

12. Organic Germanium Supplements
• One needs to consume two capsules in a day in order to promote the oxygenation of the tissues
• It is a powerful aid for promoting the cell detoxification
• It helps many health disorders to be corrected
• The nutritional therapy should be followed by the intake of the organic germanium supplements

13. Following A Mediterranean Diet
• A Mediterranean diet is a wholesome diet that includes fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and nuts to be included in daily meals in varying proportion
• Such a diet is wholesome and will prove beneficial to control the inflammations and to start the healing process in people who suffer from lung scarring

14. Use Of Spices
Many spices are known to have a beneficial effect on those who suffer from lung scarring
• The juice of garlic is kwon to have healing effects
• Onion used in food preparation will provide beneficial vitamins and minerals
• Ginger is known for its healing effect on the lungs and will surely pacify the inflamed cells

15. Inclusion Of Supplements
In addition to being a balanced diet, one needs to ensure that certain supplements are added in their diet as well
• Fish oil supplements are known to have beneficial anti inflammatory agents
• Supplements which are rich in flavonoids, carotenoids and antioxidants are required to combat this disease
• A multivitamin preparation or supplement is more beneficial than simply banking on one or two

16. Adding Probiotics To One’s Diet
One needs to add on probiotic rich food product in their diet
• They could include yoghurt in their daily meals which is a healthy way of ensuring helpful bacterial growth in the gut
• Probiotic ice cream and other food substances are known to be beneficial for such people

17. Rest Required
People who suffer from lung scarring usually suffer from shortness of breath
• They need to be put under complete rest
• They need to prevent handling strenuous or physical activities which strains the respiratory system.

18. Avoid Strenuous Exercises
• Those who suffer from lung scarring need to stay away from strenuous activities
• The slow transfer of oxygen to the blood system reduces stamina and repairing activities in the body

Do you have questions related to lung scarring? What are the causes, the symptoms and how it can be treated? There are wholesome, natural ways to treat this ailment as described above.


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