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12 Dressing Rules Which Can Make A Difference In Your Personality Instantly.

Go to any image consultant, the first thing they will change is your dressing style. Quoting Coco Chanel, “Dress shabbily, and they remember the dress; dress impeccably, and they remember the woman.” So here are a few rules that put an impact on your personality.

1. Never even think about keeping the middle button of your jacket open.

This is a big fashion ‘no-no’. There are some dressing rules which are to be strictly followed if you want your personality to stand out. Just like the middle button should be kept shut, the last one should always be kept open. And the first one depends clearly on your mood.

2. Ladies you are allowed to unbutton not more than two buttons.

Whether it’s a shirt or a blouse with buttons, unbuttoning only two buttons from the top is appropriate fashion.

3. 3 or 4 accessories in one look are too much.

Wearing matching earrings, bracelet, a necklace is all too much. Mostly it’s advisable to skip the necklace.

4. Your tie should be tied proportionately to make your personality look good.

Dressing up needs a lot of practice. The correct proportion would be the tip of the tie touching just slightly below the waist.

5. Go with either mini skirt or cleavage, not both.

A mini skirt is sexy and a little cleavage is classy. But obviously, both don’t go together as it becomes too vulgar then.

6. Forget the tie.

Some dressing rules are just eminent. And wearing a tie with shirt, when there is no jacket just destroys the personality.

7. Cleavage show in office is not necessary.

It just portrays you as an attention seeker, making a bad impact on your personality. The cleavage in your office shirts should not be deeper than 4 inches from collar bone.

8. Tucked-in shirt should always be complemented with a belt.

Otherwise, the look just seems incomplete. To be a perfect gentleman you need to work on dressing first. Because that’s what talks about your personality for you, in creating the first impression.

9. Your belt and shoe colours should match each other.

That’s like one of the fashion Bible rules. Guys, never go out with unmatching belt and shoes. That just makes the whole attire look unbalanced.

10. No tags should be left hanging from the dress.

Do u want people to know, for how much you bought a dress? Do you want them to judge you? So remember to pull out all the tags before stepping out in a dress.

11. Your naked skin should not be seen while sitting.

For that, your socks are supposed to be long enough. Ankle length socks would not help.

12. Spaghetti straps do not fall into formal rules.

It is highly inappropriate for office use. You might wear a top without sleeves, but it should cover the shoulder.


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