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How to Get Rid of Hair Anywhere on Your Body Permanently and Naturally

How to Get Rid of Hair Anywhere on Your Body Permanently and Naturally
How to Get Rid of Hair Anywhere on Your Body Permanently and Naturally

Maybe hair provides protection to our body, but it can also affect a person’s ideal look. Unwanted hair on visible body areas, like hands, feet, face and back are considered to be one of the main cosmetic problems that many women have.

There are many causes for growing unwanted hair, including genetics, certain medication (steroids), higher levels of certain hormones, and polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Women produce low levels of male hormones (androgens). If your body produces too much of this hormone, you may have unwanted hair growth. Many women find it annoying, or even embarrassing.

Every single woman dreams of clean and clear skin. So, if you are thinking about eliminating your unwanted hair with various techniques like laser, electrolysis, permanent waxing etc, first think about trying certain home cures to get the same effect. You will save a lot of money and remove the unwanted hair in a cheap and easy way.

Here are some natural remedies to remove your body hair at home in a natural way:


You need to do this treatment before going to bed.

Needed ingredients: 

– 1 tablespoon of baking soda
– 200 ml of boiling water


In 200 ml of boiling water add 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Mix the ingredients well and let it cool off. Soak a little piece of cotton or gauze in the liquid, dry it a bit and apply it on the places where you want to remove the unwanted hair and leave it all night.

Remove it in the morning and apply some nourishing cream on the problematic spots. The facial hair will start to fall after 2-3 treatments.


Needed ingredients:

– 40 ml of 70% alcohol
– 1.5 ml of ammonium
– 2 ml of iodine
– 10 ml of castor oil
– 10% hydroxide


Mix well all the ingredients until the combination becomes colorless. The mixture should be rubbed into the problematic areas in the morning and evening.

After a few days the hair will start to fall off.


This is a famous and effective method for a long time. It was used by the beauties in the 17thcentury.

Needed ingredients:

– 3 tablespoons of nettle oil
– 100 ml of any vegetable oil


On 3 tablespoons of nettle oil, pour 100 ml of any vegetable oil. Let it sit for two weeks in a warm place. Then, strain it through a strainer and put it into a glass jar and close it. Every night, soak a piece of cotton or gauze in nettle oil on the problematic spots of the face and leave it for half an hour. After that, wash your face with lukewarm water and soap.

Repeat the treatment until you eliminate the hair.


Needed ingredients:

– garlic juice


Rub the problematic areas of the face with fresh garlic juice a few times daily. In order to achieve the desired results, leave the garlic juice on the face for half an hour. Then, wash your face with warm water and apply cream.


When mixed with water, milk, or yogurt, turmeric removes hair and prevents re-growth. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that keep skin clear and healthy.

Turmeric and Rosewater

Needed ingredients: 

– turmeric powder
– rosewater (or plain water or milk)
– warm water


Add rosewater, plain water, or milk to turmeric powder and stir to make a fine paste. Apply to unwanted hair and leave on for 15-30 minutes or until dry. Wash off with warm water and pat dry.
Repeat frequently until you achieve the desired results.
Note: this method works well on areas with less hair. To remove thicker, denser hair, add gram flour, yogurt, rice flour, or ground oats.

Turmeric and Sesame Oil

Ingredients needed: 

– turmeric powder
– whole wheat flour
– sesame oil


Mix sesame oil into equal parts turmeric powder and whole wheat flour to make a paste. Apply to unwanted hair and leave on 30 minutes. Scrub gently as you wash it off. Repeat once weekly.


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